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the hump

The nice thing about arriving in Kunming is the airport is really near the city, we got to our hotel in about 10 minutes. I booked the Mercure Hydro Majestic chiefly because of its grand name and because it was cheap (30US$). It's a good hotel (later we will realise this is the best accommodation we will have for a looooong time) with central hot and cold air in a big spacious room with a view. However we were only booked here for one night as despite it's comfort its not exactly a good place to meet people.

The next day we checked into the Hump for a week. This should give us some time to find other long term accommodation.

the hump
  At first I loved it, the decor is typical traditional Chinese and the rooms are really special. The lobby has free WIFI and there is a nice rooftop restaurant. Everything seemed great until the sun went down and it got COLD. Cold as in shivering with all your clothes on in bed. What's more altitude sickness was kicking in and I felt weary, sick like I was getting flu in a freezing hostel that seemed to have no protection from the elements.

It was a saturday night in a new city and I was asleep at 8pm! At midnight Bob woke me up and I thought "here we go, he's going to try and convince me to go clubbing" but no, since the hump had stooped doing food this late he had ventured to the hotpot restaurant downstairs. So for those who don't know, it's a huge soup with all kinds of vegetables, tofu and spices that you cook yourself in a big boiling pot and share. Ok, it doesn't sound that exciting but believe me its so good we've been craving it and eating it almost every night. I've had it in Taiwan but it's not that good there, hotpot is a different story in Yunnan. On this occasion I accidentally chewed and ate a massive spicy chili, I felt my head go on fire, lips went numb, I ran around the restaurant looking for water, thought I was going to die and then when I finally calmed down I realized my sickness was cured.
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the hump
the hump
the hump
the hump
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