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The area around the hump, Jinbi square.
So we sent our resumes off to various school and now we are just waiting. In the meantime we thought we should find a place to live. Some of the apartments we viewed were pretty insane. One apartment was covered knee deep in trash, every room in the whole place was full of rubbish, we walked in and couldn't
even imagine how it would look if it wasn't full of shit, it was impossible to try and visualize 'potential', we thought someone had just thrown a fit or maybe it was a crack den before! The estate agent didn't even try to explain what had happened in there and had this look of surprise when we said we didn't want it, he then told us that it has a parking space.

Another apartment we saw took us up a mountain for about half an hour, we were exhausted and out of breath and kept telling the lady that it's too far, but she was pushy and somehow we ended up viewing it. Despite being told it was fully furnished we arrived to see one lonely chair in an otherwise empty and enormous lounge.

We feel a pressure to find an apartment so that we can move out of the hump, it's just too cold.
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The area around the hump, Jinbi sq…
The area around the hump, Jinbi s…
The hump, Jinbi Road.
The hump, Jinbi Road.
photo by: eefab