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Wen Hua Xiang
Our street (Yi Er Yi Da Jie) is the main street to go to if you want to buy computer stuff, its a mile of nothing but computer shops so it doesn't exactly have the best neighborhood vibe! But you keep going and after another 10 minutes you get to the popular street for expats, Wen Lin Jie, it has lots of nice cafes and a few bars. We come here everyday and are starting to meet people. Here are my thoughts on the cafes:

- The Prague cafe has a little library and great food. I like the goats cheese and vegetable sandwich.
- French cafe has a limited menu for vegetarians and I think it's overpriced, Bob likes it because he can play chess on their computer.
- Vintage cafe is my favorite so far, the decor is really good and the menu is well developed with lots unusual things like waxberry juice.
Wen Lin St & Wen Hua Xiang intersection

- Must coffee shop is cheaper than the others but gets really cold.
- I am living cafe is ok but gets a bit smoky.
- Salvador's is another popular cafe that is closed for renovations right now.

Something that has shocked me is the cost of things here, this is a merely an observation and not a complaint. I realize I'm going to trendy cafes with  western food menus but I am still surprised that most drinks cost between 10 and 30 yuan (1-3 pounds), fine for me but quite a lot for a cup of tea for locals, I guess it takes time to find the bargains in a new city. I don't mind paying more for western food but even the hotpot is usually 50 -100 (5-10pounds). I also noticed that in Carrefour a lot of items were the same price as they are in the UK, I did expect things to be a lot cheaper in China and they are not, I guess I'm just annoyed because I ended up spending 300 yuan (30pounds) at the supermarket on cleaning supplies, not fun!
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Wen Hua Xiang
Wen Hua Xiang
Wen Lin St & Wen Hua Xiang interse…
Wen Lin St & Wen Hua Xiang inters…
photo by: eefab