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St Basil's Church
I was supposed to meet my host from CouchSurfing when I arrived around 7p.m. in Moscow, but unfortunately, my phone wouldn't work anymore. So I couldn't find any way to contact my host. Hopefully, I had heard the name of a good hostel ! And, I don't know why, I thought I knew on which street it was ! So here I went... To find no hostel. Dammit. I walk along the street once more. Still no hostel. Once more. Still nothing. I try to ask someone with my couple of russian words. He doesn't understand what I'm saying. I don't understand what he's answering. I feel lost. I'm happy ! =)
Eventually, a homeless guy guides me to an internet café, as he knows the owner, he get half an hour of connection for free, we check the address of the hostel, he shows me where it is on my map, and here I go ! It's 10p.m., I'm exhausted, and... I find there a guy I met during the course in Ekaterinburg. OK, let's have a beer, I'll sleep afterwards...

And then, some long walks in this amazing city. I don't think there's any word to describe Moscow. You have to feel it. You have to experience it. It's huge, it makes you feel smaller (and I'm already quite small...), it's cold, it makes you feel warmer... So when you get lost in a huuuuuuuge snowy park with no one around but crows, when you arrive in the emptiness of VDNKh with all this huge buildings full of crap along a huge 2.5km long avenue, or simply when you go to the Red Square, you do feel something particular. Something called Moscow...
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St Basils Church
St Basil's Church
Ecological Trail
"Ecological Trail"
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