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Last night and all day today Cebarburg and I believe larger Milwaukee as had a hug snow storm with winds howlling like the call of the beacon itself. While beautiful to watch, it is ugly to walk in and drive through . . . Peter did a great job clearing the drive way but 30 minutes after her did so, the snow piled right back as if he had done absolutely nothing. Interesting the ways of mother nautre huh! When people who live in such environments ask why I live in Tucson, I always laugh: do I need to explain why I like warm? I guess I do huh! The cold makes me unproductive, I'm slow and disorganized when I'm cold. I'm thinking how do I keep warm, I need tea, I need tea, maybe coffeee or hot chocolate. A cup of hot water maybe . . .  and the layers of clothing is just so uncomfortable. The coats are heavy and the body heat once one is bundled up caused a prickly itch that is very irritating. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  Warm is good, warm is happy, warm is hospitable and warm is laughter. Cold is tight-lipped and gloomy


cotton_foam says:
Hi, Hariet! Congrats on this featured blog!! :-)
Posted on: Sep 21, 2013
Africancrab says:
No dear Fahrenheit. If it was Celcius we would be dead honestly, hahaaa
Posted on: Feb 22, 2009
Chokk says:
Celsius:) haha
Posted on: Feb 22, 2009
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Peter and Daniel shovellng snow of…
Peter and Daniel shovellng snow o…
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