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Back to Samui, ready to catch plane to Bangers the next day.. watched England v Trinidad & Tobago in the only english only bar on Samui.. well apart from the 4 londoners that lived withe their thai wives there, gareth and i were the only people in there. I had warned Gareth about the fact we had to get up at 4.00am for our flight, and the game didnt finish til 1.30am.. but in true gareth style, he was wasted by the end of the first half and the free sambuca shots when England won just tipped him over the edge.. walking back to the resort, heard shouts of "Hey sexy man" coming from a group of girls in a thai bar.. again in true gareth style, he started mincing up the road, hips wiggling laughing at the thai girls shocked faces.. got him back eventually. the 5 minute walk took just over half an hour..

2 hours later and i made him get up, the hangover hadnt kicked in yet, he was still pissed.. read about the banana incident in gareths blog. i was reading my book quite happily when i feel a banana pushed into my cheek with a shout of BANG.. at 4.45 am i am not impressed.. this continues until about 5.15am repeatedly, followed by fits of giggles.. it really is winding me up by now.. im not a good morning person anyway without some drunkard prodding me with a banana shouting BANG! im sure the other passengers in the terminal thought it was hilarious!

By the time we arrived in Bangkok the alcohol had worn off and gareth felt rough.. this made me smile :) found somewhere to stay and slept for a couple hours.. then spent the day eating Burger King and renewing Gareths Visa.. went to the "tallest hotel in the world" that evening.. very romantic.. apart from they had popcorn, which gareth saw as the perfect opportunity to get his own back from the cinema.. i despair of that man! but you gotta love him!

back to New Siam.. sleep, wake, breakfast, taxi to airport... very tearful hour waiting to check in.. even more tearful hour whilst i queued to check in, thinking Gareth had gone.. saw him reappear just as i got to front of queue.. last good byes and i was off :(

leaving him the second time was harder than him leaving the first time. at east the first time i had no choice.. but anyway.. back home now.. Gareth on a plane to Oz.. hopefully wont be too long before we meet again..
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