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Koh Tao, the one we`d been looking forward to the most.. little paradise.. turtle island.. got on the boat from Phangan , waited for 2 hours whilst they fixed the damn boat.. then we were on our way to Tao.. 1.5 hours and a pointless taxi journey later we were on Sairee beach.. at a useless, expensive diving resort.. we walked along the beachfront and found somewhere a bit more suited to our needs.. although i think the HUGE Gecko thing (named Ian) and the mosquito HQ in the "bathroom" should have been optional extras!

my heart hit the floor when we saw the beach.. more rubbish than a landfill site and the sea was choppy and generally not nice :(

Aussie/European bar - Choppers for food... YUCK. never trust somewhere with "beef pattie" instead of "burger" on the menu..

Decided to cut our losses and go snorkelling.. amazing fun.. but i am in agreeance with Gareth that a big highlight of it had to be the Japanese tourists.. i want to put one in my pocket to take out to make me laugh when im sad.. idiots though really.. bouyancy aids and no flippers.. have you ever seen a japanese man trying to dive under water with a life jacket on?? no?? well i have... and it was the funniest thing ever, so much so that i snorted water up through my snorkel and face mask and nearly drowned myself because of it!

My hand goes up being a guilty tourist regarding fish and pineapple :S eek

The Italian, Portobello on Koh Tao was amazing.. and "sick amoeba" here cant be blamed for not finishing a pizza that was about 20" i was not suprised that gareth fell snoring before he was asleep onto the bed having eaten enough to feed 2 families and their dogs.. wierd eh? i went to thailand and had the most amazing Italian food!

Next morning we set off to Tanote Bay (another good choice by MOI!) the taxi drive, you can read about on Gareths version of events.. was probably the most memorable journey ever.. ive never been so scared.. it was better than any rollercoaster!!

At last we had reached paradise.. shame we didnt get there earlier.. there are no words to describe Tanote Bay on Koh Tao apart from amazing.. ive never been sat on a beach looking into the sea and being able to see so many different varieties of fish.. all colourful.. and jumping crabs.!! snorkelling here was amazing.. the coral, although not colourful was stunning. and the size of some of the fish was unbelievable!

Back in the crazy taxi, only this time with a drunk driver.. time to start the journey of heading back home :(

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea