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thoroughly bored of Samui`s not so clear water and sludgy seabed Koh Phangan here we come..
Straight down to Same Same Lodge in Haad Rin, 1 minute walk from the famous full moon party beach.. which, although having crystal clear water, frankly looked like someone had a tantrum with a rubbish bag on it.. more broken glass than a bottle bank here.. still not so impressed with Thailands "paradise islands" but, hey im not complaining, its better than England still!!

The live Band on one of those nights was hilarious, a monkey faced freak jumping around for a lead singer and another of the band singing Jamiroquai to me made my night.. as well as watching Gareth, by this point absolutely plastered on buckets (see pics) messing around with the resident pub kid.. cute little thing.. but would not leave Gareth alone.. however i did have trouble distinguishing who was the biggest kid!!! with hind sight, im pretty sure it was Gareth.. :D
Gar ended that night by holding onto me trying to keep himself upright as i led him away to somewhere where i was hoping he`d sleep it off, i stopped to let someone past and gareth walked straight into the back of me and knocked himself over into the bar full of people.. instead of apologising.. he giggled at them. Before this he had nudged a girl off his seat that had sat down when he had gone to the loo.. hardly discretely either, he practically plonked himself on her lap! then, yet again, discretely (not) decided to take a picture of this girl dancing next to us.. and then when looking at the picture, zoomed in on her face and shouted "doesnt she look like a man". she was still stood next to us. carrying a 28 year old man up 2 flights of stairs whilst he`s in hysterics is not an easy feat! it made me feel better to see how rough he looked the next day!

Haad Salad next, North West Koh Phangan, simply luxury.. it was fantastic... simply gorgeous.. the only downfall being the shallow water, no swimming, and the power cut an hour before the England v Paraguay match :( grr
Haad Salad was my place for revenge on gareth for the previous nights antics and i spent the entire day convincing him that the millions upon millions of holes lining the beach contained crabs that were going to nip him if he stood on them.. these holes were unavoidable! so he sat on the beach alone whilst i paddled.. laughing at him.. fancy a fully grown man being scared of a hole in the sand... it got boring after a while so i made up some story about seeing what was in the holes and it being harmless.. finally got him in the water! hurrah!

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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica