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Bangkok airport - my god it`s hot. the humidity hit me in the face like a sack of concrete. after a ropey time with customs.. who really didnt want to let me into the country because i hadnt filled in some bit of paper.. then when i asked for a pen to fill in this oh-so-important bit of paper they said no.. idiots.. i mean really, come off it.. its only a pen.. so i promised to give return the pen if i could borrow it for 2 minutes.. they let me in eventually.. so i skipped around for a bit waiting for my bag.. on the phone to gareth AGAIN making sure he was actually at the airport.. through a second passport control man and nearly walkd straight past Gareth.. oops :D

a short taxi journey and a swift telling off for being 2 hours later than i`d told him we were at the Thai Hotel - Bangkok.. good job i had a copy of the documentation proving we`d paid.. gareth lost his copy.. typical!! after dumping my bag, quick shower and a whinge about how hot it was.. we headed off to Koh San road.. Gareth looking all pleased with himself that he knew where he was going, trying to teach me thai as i tried not to gag on the smell of open sewer!! We stopped off at a bar for a drink before heading back, at which point GARETH not me, knocked a bottle of beer off our table smashing it all over the floor and the girls legs next to us... now wonder who was really trying to see what was up the ladyboys skirts... Mr Baines... how do you plead??

Gareth had been going on about this amazing shopping mall all night so the next day we visited one of the many in Bangkok.. i thought he was exagerating but ooooooh no.. this place was like mecca for people with enough money to buy a small island, however the common traveller like ourselves had to make do with walking around pretending to look like we could afford even a paper bag from that place... i mean for ducks sake they sold maserati`s, jags, hummers and porsches in this mall.. along with the only shops being Gucci, Prada, along with other big expensive labels that i never stand a chance of fitting into let alone buying! so we settled for a trip to the underground aquarium (yes still in the mall) and to the POSHEST cinema in the world ever.. where gareth insisted on getting a mixture of flavoured popcorn... this is a warning to all popcorn fans.... cheese popcorn is blasphemous.. and therefore should be thrown at the purchaser (gareth in this case) at every opportunity! i am proud to say that the pile of cheese popcorn around gareths huge leather recliner they call a cinema seat was impressive even by odeon standards! In this place they sat us down, reclined the chair for us, put blankets over our legs and gave us pillows before leaving us to watch the film.. only when settled did we realise that we had to stand up... something about the king was on the screen.. so we scrabbled to stand up, neither of us putting the recliners back to there original position we had to stand in silence which is really difficult when you know that you are stood on gareths foot and he is squashing your leg against the footrest that you forgot to readjust before standing and neither of you can move because it would be disrespectful and your both in pain..!!! collapsing in fits of giggles after that, both moaning about how painful that 3 minutes was we watched the Da Vinci Code..

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photo by: Deats