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Lubaantun, "place of the fallen rocks" is a Maya ruin located (16.2811 North X -88.965 West) in the Toledo District of southern Belize. The site is 6 miles north of Manfredi which is 15 miles northwest of Punta Gorda. Lubaantun is about 200 feet above sea level. The center of the site is on a large artificially raised platform between two small rivers. It is well placed as a defensive strong hold. Stonemasons shaped and dry stacked each stone of the monumental structures. Lubaantuun sits on a tall ridge above a valley created by the Colombia River. Lubaantun is a late Classic ceremonial center dated to 730 AD to 890 AD. It consists of eleven large towers, five main plazas, and three ball courts. The structures are unique in that they are solid, having no doorways, and the corners of the structures are rounded.
These structures are built primarily of black slate rather than the usual limestone of all other know sites of this region. Several structures have a distinctive wall construction method. Each tier of stone is put in place with a batter, every other course stone block is projecting slightly beyond the course below it. Archaeologist believe that structure of perishable materials were constructed on these solid stone platforms. Archaeologist suggest that Lubaantun was an administrative, religious and political center used primarily for occasional festivals, ball games, and other religious ceremonies. Hundreds of ceramic whistle and figurines have been found. "The Famous Crystal Skull was found here.
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