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in Verona we managed to stumble across Juillet's balcony which wasnt hard to spot with all the thousands of love nots stuck to the walls in chewing gum, somehow the place had lost its romatic appeal.
After that it was off to Venice for five days. The first three days we spent time getting exremely lost in the maze like streets and finding ourselves at dead ends with the canal lapping at our feet, we have a lot of experience with getting lost but the canals created an extra challenge for us. We visted the San Marco square and watched the millions of pigeons (rats of the sky) attacking the mobs of tourists. The next day we spent the day on the ferries (venices buses) visiting some of the islands off the main part of venice. It was a very foggy days so we didnt get to see much on the ferry itself but we did see an Mireno island where the famous glass of venice is made, we visited the cemetry which has its own island and a little fishing village where all the inhabitants must of had competitions with their neighbours to see who could paint their house the brightest, all colours of the rainbow. i was bored sensless while mum and kat where looking at all jewelery shops and there were MANY. That night we thought we would jump on a ferry to the centre for a night out. We jump onto the first ferry as it was pulling out of the station soon to discover it was a nonstop service directly out to the island we had previously visited. Panic set in as we thought we may be stuck on the island if the last ferry had already left, luckily all was well and an hour later we got to where we planned. The next day we had friends from the Hash (my running group) arrive for a weekend from brussels. We had a great time catching up going to a lovely fish restaurants (I hope not from the canals). We had a fun day with them sight seeing and we went on a great run/walk through the city we made a very roudy bunch 18 in total rambling through the streets of venice. We think we covered every inch and walked every bridge of vencie by the time we left.
We parted with our rowdy hashers and headed for Florence.
In Florence we had the crazy idea of hiring a car to enjoy some nice peaceful drives in the italian country side. but peaceful is not a word you use to describe driving in italy. we found ourselves in many interesting situations when logical road rules did not apply and hopelessly lost. Though we did stumble across a nice appartment in the Tuscan hills amongst an olive grove. We drove around Tuscany visited some small ancient towns and some thermal springs in a forest. We all had to brace ourselves as the smell was putrid (sulphur) but it was lovely and hot hot.
Then it was off to Cinque Terre which means five lands, it is five small villages on the coast in a world heritage listed national park. It is famous for its walks and thats what we did walked and walked and walked for four days up and down mountains.The walks took us through breathtaking scenery; terraced moutains with grapes vines, olive trees, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables, endless pine forests and quaint fishing villages. The mountains have been terraced for thousands of years and many have been abandoned. We stayed in one of the fishing villages Monterosso and were delighted to realise we where right next to the church and town clock which both chimed every half hour 24 hours a day each.
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photo by: wilber85