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Beautiful art like this stain glass peice is everywhere in Findork Park.
The first week of our course is focused on the concept of People Care.  A successful community has to have "GLUE" to keep the people together.  At Findhorn,  this glue is a diversity of spiritual practice which is held together in joy and playfulness. 

The first full day of the training started with Circle Dancing!!  The location where we did the dancing was in a Budhist retreat.  There was a large crackling fire and a large portrait of the Dali Lama in one side of the space, and the other side was the wooden dance floor with large windows looking out towards the bay.  We were focalized by Hana, who was also my focalizer at experience week. 
We started by singing a song in an unknown language to get us energized.
Fun Dancing! Thanks Tom for taking this great picture!
  Then we leared the simple steps of circle dance.  We all stand in a big cirlce and hold hands and we make steps to the right, steps to the left, into the centre and out again.   We danced silly fast songs and slower flowing songs.   Then we danced a spiral where Dave stood still in the middle and we slowly wound the group around him like a ball of thread.   All these exercises break down our barriers and help us to mix together and come in contact with one another. 

The next day we returned to do Group Discovery Games.   Now that we felt close as a group we could be a little adventurous!!  We had a warm up game of tag.  To be 'safe' from being tagged you could hug another person.   It's a funny mind trick because now hugging a new person is the safe place where it would be somewhat dangerous or scary proposition otherwize.
Our Angel cards remain arranged around the central candle.
    I was thinking, 

"I don't really feel like hugging people right now.  This is a silly trick."  

But once everyone started running and screeching and hugging, I couldn't help but get swept away!
Then we did some trust games, non verbal communication and worked with giving compassionate caring to others.  At the end, we had a group sharing sitting in a cirlce by the fire.  It felt so close and open as if we had know eachother for years or grown up together.  And that is what these games are designed to do!

It is a tradition at Findorn to choose an "Angel" to watch over you for a time.   These angles are qualities like Joy, Wisedom, Compassion, Surrender, Truth ect.   The purpose is to give you a focus for self reflection.   The angel qualities are placed face down,  and each person chooses the one they feel drawn to.   I drew the Angel of Play and the Angel for the Group of Abundance.   This is a good group angel because most of us are drawn to eco village training because of our awareness of resource scarcity, peak oil, wars over water and the limits to growth.  One person put it well, speaking from his personal experience he found that simplifying his life and giving more, makes him feel more fullfilled.  He said, "Abundance is a state of mind."

Many times this week we have spoken about the importance of play in building community.  We have played music and games, sung songs and shared laughter.  This is the glue that brings strangers from 14 differnt countries together as friends.   This is the glue we need to survive the challenges and uncertainty of the coming decades.

In joy,

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Beautiful art like this stain glas…
Beautiful art like this stain gla…
Fun Dancing!
Thanks Tom for takin…
Fun Dancing! Thanks Tom for taki…
Our Angel cards remain arranged ar…
Our Angel cards remain arranged a…
photo by: missandrea81