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Went on a rafting trip Sunday!!  It was a level 3 and it was so awesome!!  There were 6 of us so it was just the right number of people for raft.  We might have been a cute crew but we did need some help rowing the boat. 

On the 2nd rapid our boat went against a wall and we all fell out. We did not all fall out at once.... The boat went against the mountain wall, I saw 4 people fall out one by one.  Finally I let go and down I went. 

Yes, it was scary especially when you get caught under the rapids and keep moving.  Once you finally catch your breath and see that your crew is floating (alive) you turn and see the large of people that are with your tour staring at us with a look of panic.  But after we knew everyone (including the guide) was good, we thought we were so cool...having a near death experience. 

Now I think about it and it really hits home about how bad it could have been if one us had not gotten the rope they threw us (I missed the 1st one), or hit our heads on one of the many, many rocks also there was another rapid not very far down.

  It had been raining very hard earlier so the water was moving fast.  Again...all ok, so it was a cool experience.

We finally got our boat back, which was not easy.  That sucker was pinned against the wall.  All of the guides worked together and it took at least 20 minutes for them to finally get it moving.  Once we all got back together, it was good.  About half way through the trip we stopped at a spot for fruit.  At this location you could walk up the mountain a little and then jump in the water.  Oh course it was right after a another rapid so the water was very fast. 

Well I had to give it a try- 5 times.  Every time after I jumped I would try to swim and grab the rocks to slow down so I could climb out.  Well 4 out of 5 times I missed the rocks and kept going with the water until someone handed me a paddle or one point of the guides (which was cute) came out of no where and pulled me up.  But as he was pulling me up I think I hit every rock on the wall.  Oh well....it was fun.

It was an awesome trip but that of course crashing will be thing we all remember the most.

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photo by: txmissie