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For the following two year Megan and I would be settled in Quebec City (from November 2009) so things went rather routinely. We got our own appartment in Ste-Foy, which had some flaws but was roomy and nevertheless good.

We had problems with the bathroom and of course as a landowner is never acting upon it, we fixed it ourselves by repainting the whole bathroom. However we got later got them to fix some hole and the kitchen.

Megan started studying French at Centre du Phenix, where I dropped here nearly every morning while driving to work (and she would walk back home in the afternoon). Later on as spring came by, she managed to find an housekeeping job at Hotel du Vieux-Quebec (and later at Loews Le Concorde) which was quite good news to save a bit of money and have her get some experience.

On my side, I kept working at the City of Donnacona. What I hated was that they started talking about promotion and were obviously good at enticing me to stay (as originally I was employed on a 6 months contract from June to December 2009). The motive became obvious to me, since the permanent officer had now gone on sick leaves for weeks (and would be for over 6-8 months in total at the end) and that my job contract was coming to an end. They needed me to stay. So they did well in pointing out that I was doing a great job and that there might be some great opportunities for me. Obviously I was simply hoping to gain more planning experience and receive more challenge tasks to add to my current workload. They talked to me about permanency (which is what I simply got at the end... and 6 months later than they said at the first place).

Things were moving slow, the mayor also finally resigned (whom had also promised me lot) and with him the director stopped coming to my office with positive talking. I didn't bother, I was there to work and could take the initiative to improve the city, the office and my experience. I first did so by registering to the Planning Institute and completed my Professionnal required Internship ... finally, a year later I completed my Professionnal exam and got chartered as a Town Planner. But got a little enraged when my employer (the General Manager) refused to pay my professional body fees and I even heard the wall saying they were not interested in a planner and only hired an officer. If so, why would I even stay as I didn't do my master to simply deal with enforcement officer tasks. So obviously this and several other issues at work twinned with Megan's and I wish to get new adventure marked the beginning of my will to look elsewhere. Sadly, there was a lot of hypocritical move from the direction and by January 2011, that struck a blow in my motivation and anger. I kept working hard, produced good result but as the summer came Megan and I decided we would go on with the Australian adventure especially as we would have to move out of our flat by July 2011 anyway as I did not renew the contract.

May and June came on, we had slowly looked for information and once we managed to find plane ticket it was becoming official. So I gave my resignation by early June and was going to still work until mid-July... so that was a little rush with packing and moving out, packing our bags for the trip to Kansas and making sure we had everything needed to fly to Australia further on while still being full time at work. But we managed. I spent my last two weeks commuting to work from my parent place and slowly it was the farewell from work.

In all, I did enjoy my work environment. I just had some issues sometimes and especially with a colleague which made it tough to deal with. But I love planning and had some good vision for the development of the city and the surrounding, I just that my abilities could have been worked on instead of painted on the corner (as I felt, which provoked my anger or lowered my motivation sometimes). I felt they were not interested or didn't care ... that you were just a numbered employee and that was tough to take in a place that could strive on being a community instead.

So besides that, life went on rather casual. I went snowboarding a few times at Stoneham and even Mt Ste Anne once. We had some good time eating out or cooking at home and did manage to host heaps of couchsurfer while in Quebec. Although, we probably could have done better.

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Quebec City
photo by: peppertm