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While driving on the I87 through the Adirondack it was getting obvious that we would not make it to Amsterdam, NY for lunch... so we only approached Albany way after 1pm and the place would have been shut. We simply kept going as we had still tons of miles ahead. We tried to take the shortest route through Albany, through the northern ring which ended up being a little confusing as to manage to get back on the Toll road south of the city.

The warm summer was starting to be way more obvious here than in Quebec, it had been some good temperature back home but it was a little more hot and slightly more humid as further as we went south. And the major difference was that even with darkness fall it was still rather remaining warm here.

We had not fully figured out how to use the AC at its best in car (and would not until Tennessee) so we were only making it work bits by bits. But through Upstate New York we could also do well just with the window down.

We kept going south through the Interstate 87 all the way to the exit at Kingston, we only stopped for a short pee or snack break at most of the rest area along the highway. Besides that, we just drove and kept driving under the very very warm sun.

From Kingston, we were heading to meet with John, whom I had stayed at in Rosendale less than 2y earlier. He had changed location in the small town but we had the chance to meet and get in touch again and also get a break from driving. We arrived around dinner time, so we already had been on the road for nearly 8h and would have to do some more (although we noticed we had no hosts for the night and we wanted to get the most driving done despite John's offer to stay here for the night.) We took the opportunity to have a good lunch there and also take a nap before hitting the road back later at night and do a night driving.

Megan also got in that mad idea of buying her Apple computer online and tried to do so there with the help of John (as most of her money was on canadian account or cash) since we would not stop in Delaware finally to buy it (Delaware has no tax).

Around 9-10pm we got ready to hit the road again and drove back down to the I87. Megan took a bit of the driving then and we heading southward into New Jersey, then west into Pennsylvania on the I78. Then that's how things got complicated as we tried to cut through the countryside we got confused with the direction of the road and either ended up near Gettysburgh and then down to Baltimore before driving back into West Virginia.

We definitely drove around the ring of Baltimore but I don't think we did go to Washington as headed back west instead. Our road maps were ending with Pennsylvania and New Jersey and had no map of Virginia and Maryland. And we never found a rest area that could provide a map so we just had to go by guessing.

At the end we did a lot of local highways heading parallel to the I81 (our needed Interstate) and at some point I also remember having woken up in the passenger seat and seeing Megan dozing off. I woke her up again and quickly said, enough I will take the wheel again. So I did for some more but finally just found a mall to get some sleep in the parking lot until the sunrise (which was not that long after).

Megan got to rest some more so around 7am, she took the wheel and we kept driving on the countryside road with some quite great landscape. I have no remembrance of what and when we stopped to eat though.

She did a good part of the Northern Virginia driving but gosh that state is long to cross, when we finally reached Roanoke we still had 300 miles to go. And had already done more than 500 so far.

Nearly all of that day was dedicated to driving toward Knoxville, our destination for the night and where we would have a host. Yet the Appalachian landscape was wonderful, and the weather suffocatingly hot but we only stopped for gaz, quick break at some rest stop and for food. We definitely had to figure out how to get the AC to work properly or make it work often as the heat was sometimes unbearable. Luckily it was more heat only than bearing humidity.

We finally only made it to Knoxville by the early evening.

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photo by: maplefanta