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Who would have known that Virginia is such a long drive.

We spent about the whole day driving through that state and were bored of it. Mark my word, the Appalachian landscape was quite a sight and very interesting and I enjoyed it while I could. But the weather marked nearly 40degrees and full of humidity.

We had slept a couple of hours in the parking lot of a mall that morning somewhere along the interstate and by 8o'clock we hit the road again. Although, I snoozed some more way before Roanoke since I was exhausted having driven about 16h the previous day. When I felt more awoken, I eventually replaced Megan before she fell asleep and made the way into Tennessee later that day.

We made it to Knoxville by dinner time but had food at Subway before making it into the city. We slowly made it to our host.

By then, my first discovery of the south was hearing the locust making the strong buzz from all the trees. I had never heard something like that nor knew it existed. So after having known about ticks and other weird things, this summer it was that strange buzzing that caught my attention. It was so loud and unusual to me that there was no way I could miss it.

We were both exhausted but managed to get some energy to wander into town and do some sightseeing with him. Knoxville looks like a totally sterile town, everything is settled perfectly and all streets are empty. Of course the heat stopped people from enjoying the outdoor.

Knoxville had been host of the World Fair in the 80s, so most of the sight and feature turns around the remaining parks and buildings that were build during and right after. The tower offers a nice sight over the city and its surrounding. Although, that city also featured the site of an old fort and previous Civil war battle.  Older Suburbia houses and mansions does have some nice architecture.

The best part though was when we made it for dinner at the market square. Once we were done, we noticed there was a permanent stage set in the middle of the square and which was currently offering free Shakespeare theater to the public. That sounded perfect for the current weather and we grabbed one of the folding chair and listened to Othello while the sun slowly set.

We walked back to our host as the sunlight was not yet all gone and tried to make him understand that we needed the sleep but he was a little too excited at having guests and people to talk to. Anyhow, we managed to fall asleep despite his place not being the most tidy one... quite the contrary as matter of fact. I had to kick some cat fleas off the bed before we slept.

Friday morning, I finally felt like having a second life. I could certainly be ready to hit the road again just as if none of the tough warm driving and sleeping along the road had affected me.

So, once we left our host we immediately hit the road westward. We had driven about 50 miles before we stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House. We noticed a bunch of hitch-hikers, sadly they were going east. Anyhow, we picked them drove back to Knoxville and left them at a rest stop along the I-40 so they could aim easily to Virginia.

They gave us some gas money, so all we lost was time but we had done our good action of the trip. Now we headed back west... the day went by and it is only by evening rush hour that we passed Nashville. Since we had to state yet to cross we simply did not stop and continued our way toward Memphis.

This time we had set the air conditioning feature in a better way so we could use it nearly more permanently. But the temperature still marked over the 100F and the sun did hit the black car quite directly. We felt the heat intensely everytime we made a stop along the road (which we tried to keep at a minimum).

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From the top of the Sunsphere
From the top of the Sunsphere
photo by: ejames01