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February 15th

I was suprised as I walked out of the plane that I was immediately out of the airport... no gate or specific area, out of the plane and you immediately mix with every visitor at the airport. So I was a bit stunned at where I would find Megan but especially, where do I get my baggage. I walked a bit along the airport hallway and found the baggage carrousel by the end of it while stilly trying to keep an eye if Megan was going to appear which she did not too long after I collected my bag so we could immediately leave as she arrived basically. One great thing was that the first 15-30 minutes were free parking at the airport so we had nothing to pay then.

KC airport was a little far from the centre but we drove immediately to Megan's place as matter to relax together a little and for me to see her flat.

We spent the coming days around Kansas City and particularly Wesport which was closed to Megan's place.

We had the chance to go to a few CS meetings in central KC and in Westport. The rest of the time we either stayed home, went grocery shopping nearby or eventually I also took a long walk from Westport to the Harbour and back.

I had the chance to see the big War memorial park, the train station and the Hallmark mall. My other impression was more about how space is wasted with several lot that are unbuilt and the streets are empty as such. So there is no city life visible else than a few exception downtown (around the CBD and the market square) and Westport otherwise.

It was also strange how the weather was warm, I hardly needed my winter jacket. Except for our last day in Kansas City, (where a blizzard hit) snow and ice were rather an absent sight. The weather was similar as Europe in the winter but dry.

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