Last days in Kansas... before the tornado takes us along the road

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Today was an early morning, Megan had the impression she would still have the time and had been doing stuff nearly all night and nope, it wasn't really enough there was still plenty of stuff everywhere.

Although it wasn't a despair anymore... we got woken up quiet early as her step-father Jan and mother made their way from Topeka with a trailer to move the furniture and all the big stuff out to be brought in Topeka. I jump in the shower just as they were arriving then we quickly started with the packing... which happened to be in the snow. Yep it started to snow during the night and it reached nearly 10 cm deep. So with the tire quality and 'specialness' of winter driving in Kansas, it appeared quite special and the roads were definitely icy. This showed especially with Jan to drive the SUV with the huge U-Haul trailer into the parking lot... and then to shovel the front door and the moving was on with the help of 2 CS members that came in support.

That went quite quick and by early afternoon we drove to Overland Park to leave a cabinet at Megan's Grand Mother's place and went to have a snack in a nearby cafeteria. The rest of the day Megan and me had to finish emptying all the remaining rubbish in the flat at Megan's optimist that it would take a couple of hours... yet it wasn't before 8-9 that we left the place to go sleep in Topeka.

We were to spend the following 2 nights sleeping at her mother in Topeka, the next morning we went to arrange the boxes at Jan's office basement where Megan's furniture and stuff were to be stored. Then we spent the rest of the day to prepare the journey which will start tomorrow and yet is pretty much disorganised and also make sure the car would be ready for the long trip... and the freezing weather of Canada. We will have to be in Decatur by Monday to fetch the new bumper for the car and we don't know yet where we will stay then... we know we can be in Chicago by mid-week to stay at Kieran.

We slept late so we obvisouly took the road a couple hours later on Monday morning with all the trunk packed and we had to leave some things in Topeka as we thought we could fit everything in the trunk but that was impossible and we didn't want to charge the back of the car.

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photo by: esterrene