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The tiny flat in Westport is yet to be cleaned and packed...

The biggest deal of KC was the whole packing moment. Gosh Megan could be in total denial of efficiency and willingness to actually do it. We will finally have ended up on the last day with still everything to do and tons of stuff sprawled all over the place, not to say that nothing else was done related with preparing the road trip either... last last last minute when you don't even have that minute. Always I was to walk in the living room where she was suppose to be going through her things, for her to pack what she wanted to keep or not and where it was all to go, to simply find her sitting on the floor playing solitaire on her laptop... all the time.

So of course on the very last days, it is in a cursing mood that I am turning my thumb bored as hell with not much to do (and well not much of an enchanting city either) that I find myself. Hopefully Internet is back after crashing in the past day but the weather was awfully grey and windy today... bleh.

Tomorrow will be the 27th, which is the last business day to get everything done... and pack actually too. Before the people come to get the furniture out. How will that go?

Of course we will have gone through some arguments, over her feeling annoyed of being pushed to do something. Sometimes out of just a silly tickle play fight together, other time more of me being fed up of seeing her going through definite rubbish with no consideration of actually merging our stuff together in the future or of no willingness of cleaning up that past. Which is pretty much a meaning of a disapproval of 'doing it together' through a future looking sight. So who is going to be 'letting go' at the end for the other to take the place?
So yeah these arguments sometimes led to bigger clash about the future... I was tired of that. I feel great with her when she is a good company with that great cute eyes and mood and how she can make me feel better. But sometimes she makes me feel like crap, belittled and just on the side (obviously americanised ways) and I hate to be questionned on things. Yes I want to share decision and most of the time I want to leave them to her or build up forward from there. But sometimes I am feeling like I should leave and just stay alone forever, it is easier and yep I probably deserve it too. But enough of all that. These thoughts were not really set and out of context at the moment as I never want to analyse and think of the context anyway, that would be were I am in denial of reality.

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Kansas City
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