Snow. Birmingham. What the hell are we gonna do now?

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The filght was 2,5 hours long and after taking a lot of pix of the clouds it became a bit boring. Anna started to read her new book, Judit was asleep and I was listening to Rise Against. I guess about half an hour was left from the filght when the pilot said: "Ladies and Gentlemen! I've got good news and bad news! The good news is that we're landing soon, the bad one is Birmingham! All the London airpots are closed because of the heavy snowing."
...hmm...we burst out laughing...
The plane landed, but we had to stay inside the plane at least for 30 minutes. We were told, that everyone should buy a train ticket to London and wizzair's going to pay it back...Great! Train is soooo expensive in the UK, if we buy a train ticket, our money definitely won't last till the end of the trip.

Finally we could get out of the plane, oh it was snowing sooo hard!!!
There was a huge line at the passport control, coz every plane was diverted there. And we had to wait ages to get our luggages!!! While waiting, we got a luggage trolley, Judit and me sat on it and we were racing with it in the waiting room. A lot of people were smiling at us:)
We got our bags after an hour and we felt soo lost. Didn't know what the hell we should do. Call Nora to pick us up here in Birmingham or take the train to Sheffield or we should go to London and catch our coach to Sheffield????
Suddenly we heared something like " Luton....Wizzair...Budapest...Terminal 2"  So we headed towards Terminal two, but sure we seemed lost and insecure, coz a guy (who was working there) came to us and asked if he could help us. We told him our probleme and he told us to hurry up, coz wizzair got some coaches and taking us to Luton airport. We rushed out off the building where the coaches were waiting for us:) And we were on our way to Luton airport!!!!
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our coach to Luton airport
our coach to Luton airport
photo by: eddie8498