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Our hotel at Quality Inn (General Lee's Headquarters)

Oh well, who said that to women are great at driving directions?  I few days before the roadtrip. I map-out our trip from Astoria, Queens to Gettysburg via MapQuest.  I even got actual road maps from AAA (American Automotive Association), I'm a member.

Before we even left NYC, Krystal was having her she 'gotta pee now' moment.  So I get off the BQE in Brooklyn to find a local MacDonald's.  NO where to be found.  I took a wrong turn and entered Williamsburg Bridge so we ended up in lower Manhattan at a Burger King.   OK, have have to find the Holland Tunnel (to reach NJ).  Yes, I couldn't find the entrance.  We suck at this.  It was around close to noon and yes we found the tunnel.

Krystal ready to drive (that's the fleece jacket I get her for xmas)
  The next task was finding highway 73 West but I ended up in NJ Turnpike South.

We stoped at a Reststop and got REAL direction from a local car mechanic.  It was about 3 pm and we were hungry.  We stop by an Applebees in Smithville, NJ.  We really thought that we hit PA buy this time.  My entree was baby back ribs + french onion soup for appetizer.  Krystal ordered a fish dish + fries (her favorite). Oh, Krystal got onion rings for appetizer which we ended up taking to go bec it was stuffing us up.  Before we left Smithville, I filled up the tank.  This past summer 1 gallon of gas was about $4.30, now was just around $1.86.
Gas in NJ is cheaper than NY. 

We finally arrive in Gettysburg by around 5 pm.  We checked in to our hotel Quality Inn General Lee's Headquarter.

Lunch at the 'haunted' Farnsworth Hotel
  This is a historical place due to General Lee (the head of the Confederate Army) stayed here for one night during the Civil War battles.  The actual house was really off limits to people but the hotel was built next to it.  Too bad it wasn't summer because they have an outdoor pool.  Kinda hard to enjoy it with 30/40 degrees weather.  Our room was great.  Big queen size bed, tv with cable & the bathroom had a hair dryer with lots of towels!!!  Cost was less $70 per night with the AAA membership discount.

After we got settled around 6 pm, we wanted to visit the winery for a tour.  We found out that most of the tour sites are closed by 5 pm.  WHAT???  We scanned the tour books and found a Ghost Tour (http://www. held near the historic Farnsworth House/Hotel.  We booked for a 9:30 pm tour called 'ghost hunt'.  We were supposed to do the ghost stories where a wench would tell spooky stories via candle light.  The ghost hunt would let us use the ghost detecting equipments (see the show Ghost Hunters  More exciting as Krystal conveyed to me.

It was still too early for ghost hunting so we headed for dinner at Montezuma Mexican Restaurant (

html) This place is just 5 minutes away from our hotel.  Hands down, a very good mexican place.  It is run by REAL Mexicans.  Bring your own beer/wine because they don't have a liquor license.  With our stomachs full, we drive to the Farnsworth hotel.

We met our tour guide, Tim, who was decked out in costume (booo!!!).  We took our obligatory photos with him.  To make the photo more patriotic, we draped American flags and he held up President Lincoln's photo as a prop - welcome to Gettysburg.

Our ghost tour would consist of searching/contacting the spirits of the departed Civil War folks. He started introducing us to the equipment that we would use aside from our trusty digital camera;

Digital infrared camera • Captures images invisible to people.

Devil's Den hill
Images are feed processed by a computer for examination.

Dowsing rod • A Y-shaped rod or two L-shaped rods; used in searches for underground water, discovering the location of unmarked graves, determining the sex of unborn children and locating ghosts.

Thermal-imaging digital camera • Records images of long-wavelength infrared (IR) radiation, sometimes referred to as heat, which is invisible to people. This allows the capture of images in even total darkness, or through smoke or fog.

Digital audio • Refers to the small digital sound recorders used in investigations or to a recording media.

There were six people in this tour.  We were free to use the equipment and see if any spirits would like to contact us.  We started in the cellar.  Supposedly, 2 ghost haunted the Farnsworth hotel, a midwife and a six year old kid.  The midwife had a motherly take because she would clean up or move furniture in the hotel rooms.  The child is a playful one and likes the jacks and stones game.  We headed to forest which was a federal protected park.  This was a battle site during the war.  We were walking around in the forest for about 45 mins and got nothing.  The darkeness and the tree shadows truly spooked us.  What was scary was the stories the tour guide told.  Funny none of his former tourist ever sent photos of the ghost they've seen.

beau_bread says:
A beautiful and entertaining journey i would say
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
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Our hotel at Quality Inn (General …
Our hotel at Quality Inn (General…
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Krystal ready to drive (that's th…
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Lunch at the 'haunted' Farnsworth…
Our tour guide for the ghost tour
Our tour guide for the ghost tour
Devils Den hill
Devil's Den hill
Looking for our ghost
Looking for our ghost
The cellar (that became a morgue d…
The cellar (that became a morgue …
The cellar (that became a morgue d…
The cellar (that became a morgue …
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