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I left work early today, at 4pm, and made my way to Stanstead Airport to get my flight over to Dublin. Ryan Air has this new "computer check-in" which is completley CRAP seeing as you still have to pay 8 quid to check in when you aren't even talking to someone. And then there is only about 2 desks to check in your luggage for ALL of the Ryan Air flights so that took for ever.

Well by time I got through all that and then through secuirty I still had time to have some dinner so I had some pizza and a drink and read my book. The flight was on time and everything and all went well. I get a bit nervous at take off time so to keep me occupied I count or I try and sing songs in my head. At the moment, the only two songs that I know every single word to and can sing without making a mistake or messing up, is Rice Rice Baby by Weird Al Yankovich (parody to Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby) and Oh Canada. So until the seat belt sign came off and I was able to listen to my MP3 player, those two songs were running through my head.

Waiting for me at the airport was Derek and Bryan! They actually live in Firhouse which is just outside of Dublin so it was a half hour drive or so from the airport to Derek's. At Derek's house I met his mom Eva who is the sweetest lady ever! She showed me around and to my room and told me to make myself at home :) After we went and met Derek's sister Adrienne and went to one of their local pubs.

Now when I say pub, I really mean elementary school. This pub, called the Club, is at the top of a Youth Club type place and walking in looks exactly like my old elementrary school!!! Not somewhere you should be drinking! Haha I found that quite amusing. We stayed there for a couple of pints and then walked back to Dereks house and hit the hay. I was pretty tired and Derek had to work in the morning.
derekbilldaly says:
How am I only seeign this blog now?? will have to read it proper later, but thanks for all the nice comments. You know I loved having you over...and so did my family.
P.S. You forgot the bit were you got engaged to a very handsome Irishman!! ;op
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
melissak says:
and you sing the national anthem in your head? thats also so cute! whenever people asked me to sing them our anthem i'd always mess it up..hehe how emberassing
Posted on: Feb 15, 2009
melissak says:
hahahaha. you count?? thats awesome! you're so cute :)
Posted on: Feb 15, 2009
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photo by: derekbilldaly