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On the way to Stratton

It was a nice day in Atlanta, so I had hope for good luck getting to Vermont.  I kept calling the Delta number to check on my baggage, and there never was really an update that helped me know where my bag was.  Laura got me to the airport around 4 and I got to my gate and actually got a seat on the flight I was booked onto, plus they were able to tell me that my baggage was booked on a Continental flight to Albany from Newark that would beat me there.

My flight boarded on time and we had a really funny flight attendant, who had the most put on southern accent in the world, things like "little ol' me."  There was a huge line for the runway so we took off about an hour late, but once we were up it was a smooth flight.  There was still a lot of snow on the ground most of the way to New York.

  We got into Albany about 40 minutes late, but then had to wait another 20 minutes at the gate because the ramp at the gate was caught in a snow drift.  At this point, I was ready to leap from the plane to the edge, but they finally got it out of the snow.

Julie was waiting on me and took me to where my bag should have been, it wasn't there.  The baggage agent told me that the Continental flight had just gotten in and so we went to check and there it was, everything was there, the long journey north was officially over.  It is about an hour and a half to Julie's from the airport and it was a beautiful night.  There was a lot of snow everywhere, but the roads were clear and the sky was gorgeous.

We got to Stratton and Julie took me to get a drink and then we headed home.  They live in a chalet on the mountain.  It was built in the 60s as a weekend getaway house, and is very cute, particularly when it is covered in snow.  I was just so happy to be there.  The thing I love about Vermont is how dark it is at night and how many stars you can see -- it is simply amazing.  Looking at the stars made everything I had been through that weekend absolutely worth it.

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On the way to Stratton
On the way to Stratton
photo by: kebrunn