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Parrish at the Vermont Country Store

Another beautiful Vermont day, mainly because the threat of rocketing down a mountain on waxed sticks never entered the picture.  It was really a perfect Vermont day, the sun was warm and the snow was still pretty and white, plus the trees are starting to be tapped for syrup -- it was almost Norman Rockwell-like. I had the morning at the house to myself, so it was very relaxing.  Julie came home with the kids around 12:30 and we headed over to the Vermont Country Store to find some things for my mom.

The Vermont Country Store sells things that no one else sells anymore, if it was a cosmetic, toy, or foodstuff from the 50's they have it.  It is a lot of fun to look around.  Pluse every form of maple syrup and fleece product is on sale.

Belle at the Mountain School open house
  There is a restaurant attached, the Bryant House, Julie and I were by far the youngest people there, and Parrish thought the rest of the clientele smelled like cottage cheese, but it was Vermonty and nice.  We went to the store afterwards, and I showed the picture of the spice mix my mom wanted and by some miracle they had one package left.  I bought some souvenirs and some toys and candy for the kids and we took a nice leisurly drive through the countryside.

We got back to the house and Thane came home and split some wood and Julie made the kids some dinner.  Then we were off to the Mountain School for open house.  Parrish had been dreading it, because he had to sing a song with his class with hand motions and he hated the idea of it, he would have done anything not to have done it.

Parrish's puppet show
  Being a nine year old, it probably was the worst thing he had to ever do.  Its a small town, and as he pointed out, most of the town would be there -- a valid point.  Julie and I recalled our nightmare song with hand motion moments from school -- I think we all have them, I was so glad I got to be there to get it on film, so I can terrorize him with it when he is 16.  There school is very cute, and there was a whole program of activities to attend to see what the different classes are doing.  It started off with 2 8th graders literally karaoking some pop song about kissing a girl, that was fairly painful.  Not that they weren't fine singers, but it was just sort of uncomfortable, they were singing about making out to an old karaoke machine, Julie and I just made it a point not to look at each other, so I studied the ceiling and the chair in front of me, and prayed that it would be over.
Parrish and classmates singing O Canada
  I wanted to tell Parrish, that he had nothing to worry about, but I kept all sarcasm to myself, I didn't want to be like the reviewer in the David Sedaris story about the guy who critiques children's christmas pageants.

We went to Belle's class and saw them do some math exercises.  Parrish was part of a puppet show in Spanish.  Then the magic moment came, Parrish did well, and sort of did the hand motions of his song, but only after singing O Canada with his class mates.  I got my video, though.

We finished off the evening with some haiku from the second grade class, which, if you know me, you know I was in heaven, as I have an odd fascination with haiku.

We dropped the kids off at home, and the Julie and I headed to the Red Fox Tavern for Irish night.  There was an Irish band playing and we had a few black and tans and ordered some food, and talked with a brother and sister, Laura and Jared from the area.  As this is Vermont, we all had connections.  It was a really fun way to end my trip.  I am sad that its over already, I would even listen to 8th graders sing pop songs to stay a little longer.

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Parrish at the Vermont Country Sto…
Parrish at the Vermont Country St…
Belle at the Mountain School open …
Belle at the Mountain School open…
Parrishs puppet show
Parrish's puppet show
Parrish and classmates singing O C…
Parrish and classmates singing O …
photo by: isaiah3021