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No flights to the Northeast

I have been excited about this trip for a while.  My mom gifted me Skymiles to go see Julie last November, so its been planned for a long time.  I talked with Julie and we decided that flying into New York City and taking Parrish, my 9 year old Godson, for a weekend there would be fun, then we would head to Vermont and ski and visit and then I would take the train back and fly home.  It all worked perfectly, I found flights, got train tickets, and even though it was St. Patrick's Day Weekend, I found a great hotel in NYC for not too much money on Priceline.

Then the nor'easter happened.  On Thursday, my mom called to say that Delta had contacted her about the tickets purchased on her skymiles account. I called Delta, and an after an hour and twenty minutes of holding, dropped calls, and an Indian man telling me his name was Brett too, I had been rebooked on a flight not to JFK but to Newark.

That is a four to five hour line
I was at dinner with some students and got a call from Delta that said in a recorded voice -- "We have an update about your flight (pause) tomorrow, your flight has been (pause) cancelled." Hang up.  That seemed like some fierce customer service, I didn't know if it was for my earlier flight or my current flight.  That was to figure out later, so I just ate my dinner.

That night I called Delta back and another 45 minutes of holding, I found out my flight was still scheduled and that I was definitely booked on it.  I called Super Shuttle and cancelled my JFK reservation, all seemed okay.

I had to move some things around at work on Friday, but made it to the airport with everything done and everything packed into on duffle bag, ski gear, NYC clothes, and lots of product from texture cream to eye cream.

I checked the flight constantly, still on time, even though every other flight to the northeast was cancelled.  My flight was supposed to leave at 3:50, and I 3:15 I checked the board again, and there it was "Cancelled."  I walked to the service desk, and the line was about 50 deep.  There was a lot of disgruntled-ness ahead of me.  I waited and waited, tried to get through on the phone, but an hour and 45 minutes later, I talked to someone.  I was told I would be rebooked on a flight to Newark on Monday, that pretty much ruined the trip, I would have waited until Tuesday for a train to Vermont and then had about 36 hours in Vermont, I asked to be booked into a closer city to Vermont and I was told that I would have to contact Skymiles.
  I went to the phone and 20 minutes later, I had a flight to Albany on Sunday, which only cut out NYC with Parrish and Julie, a disappointment, but I still got all the time in Vermont. 

I have to say, I waited in long lines, but Priceline and Delta were both very nice to me, my Priceline was reversed and I got all my money back and I wasn't charged for changing my destination city. As I left the service area, I saw the line now, it was un-Godly long, liek 400 people or something, you couldn't see the front of the line from the back, I was so happy I got in it when I did.

It was off to find my luggage.  Another enormous line. I was eventually pulled out and found out that since Atlanta was my home city and could request it be pulled out, but it would be 5 to 6 hours before I could get it.

  I did that and decided to come back around 9pm.  At 9, no luggage and the man told me, since I was local, I should just go home and not worry about it, it would end up at my final desitination, I tried to explain that Newark was no longer my destination, but he just walked away.  The lines were still really long, so I left and went out with my friend Jeff.  I showed back up at 11:30 and got into the baggage line one last time.  By 12:20am, I had a number to check on my luggage, it was definitely going to Newark, but there was a good chance it was going to be in Albay by the time I got there. Plus, I got the Skymiles toiletry kit, with toothpaste and a toothbrush and a t-shirt -- just like college, I have a t-shirt to mark the occasion.  It had been a long travel day, and I didn't even make it anywhere, but I was lucky, I had a place to go, watching the pictures from CNN, I saw how lucky I was.

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No flights to the Northeast
No flights to the Northeast
That is a four to five hour line
That is a four to five hour line
photo by: vulindlela