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had luck the flight was delayed from original 7:20 to 7:35. These 15min were a bless!!!
The Oh!:
The alarm rang really early, but I managed to get up. Well, I was thinking it's 5:30am, so I had plenty of time to go to the airport and catch my 7:20am flight. Flying between Puerto Rico and the USA is like a domestic flight, so... Anyway, I was just brushing my teeth, when I heard Francisco was knocking at the door. He just said: "Yadi, hurry up! it's 6:40am!" OH!! I didn't understand what was going on. Then I thought, well maybe Jess didn't set up the Puerto Rican time. Puerto Rico is 1 hour ahead than the USA... Nevermind, it was pointless to start thinking what went wrong. Just hurry up and do everything as fast as possible.

Now, the Crash!:
Fortunately I left everything ready last night. So it didn't take us long to leave the hotel.
It was rainy... I guess Puerto Rico was sad the Meet Up was over :(
It was a Sunday morning so the streets were empty. Francisco was driving as fast as possible. OMG! I was just hopping I wasn't leaving anything important. Francisco told me not to worry if I forgot something, he could mail that to me later. We were getting closer to my terminal and then: the Crash! ooops!!! Luckily nobody was hurt and the damage to the TB car was just superficial. I was just about 10m away from the entrance.  Francisco didn't think about the car and just run with my carry on, so I'd be able to make it on time. Thanks Francisco! I feel so bad about what happen to the TB car...

Last but not least, Ufff!:
I arrived to the counter. It was empty. It was 7am! The girl told me to hurry up, they were about starting ot board the plane. Thanks! and I started to run. Going through security was easy, the officer was really helpful too since he noticed I was about missing my flight. Finally I was looking for my gate. The past hour was a complete chaos... but I succeded! They were starting to call the passengers, ufff. I made it! I'd arrive to FLL about 9:30am. Right now I was thinking about the people I'd meet there, but couldn't stop thinking about Francisco and the TB car. Ok, remember to call him when I was in FLL. Now I'd relax and enjoy the flight and last views of beautiful Puerto Rico. :)
MayWongMC says:
very descriptive. :)
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
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had luck the flight was delayed fr…
had luck the flight was delayed f…
It was rainy... I guess Puerto Ric…
It was rainy... I guess Puerto Ri…
the airport was empty...
the airport was empty...
leaving Puerto Rico
leaving Puerto Rico
leaving the Caribbean...
leaving the Caribbean...
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