Packing, getting ready and even organizing a party before going to Puerto Rico :P

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incredible! this was all my luggage!!!
Francisco did it! He organized a TB Meet Up in Puerto Rico and I attended to it. When he was in Lima during the Lima Meet Up, I told him I'd go to Puerto Rico if there would ever be a Meet Up there. As soon as I knew the dates, I started to look for tickets. First I was thinking about going through Miami, but at the end I got a good deal flying through Fort Lauderdale. Well, I'd have long layovers in my wat to San Juan and in my way to Lima, but who cares about that? Specially not me, since I already started to contact local TB's in the area :P

This was the first time I traveled abroad just with a carry-on. OMG! It was a challenge to pack that light, but made things so much easier. Not more waiting for baggage claim, wonderful! Since I was packing lighter than usual, I did it last night and early today, which was a great idea.
with my aunt and uncle :)
Not only because I'd have a lot of time to relax before traveling, but also because we'd have company at home.

My aunt and her husband were in town and would visit us. Mom was working and since I'm quite experienced having reunions at home, I was in charge of preparing everything for our guests. Mom, all these Mini Meet Ups at home were a great idea, haha. It was easy to put things together and by 6:30pm everyone was at home. I mean: mom, dad, my aunt and my uncle.

I haven't seen them in a long time and was nice meeting them, so bad I wouldn't be able to join them to the show they were attending. My aunt asked me why I wouldn't join them and I just said: "I'd love to, but I'm leaving Lima in a couple of hours. I'm in my way to Puerto Rico!" Haha, she started to laugh and was happy for her traveler niece ;)

I guess, the only one who wasn't very happy was Gunther.
who dares to take my mom away from me???
My baby!!! I'd miss him. But mom would take good care of him. So no panic! Also my dad was traveling on Saturday and wanted me to help him with that issue, but as a good daughter I took care of that in advance. We wouldn't meet until the 13th when he flew back home. We all were just chilling out at the patio. It was too warm to stay inside the house, so the terrace was more than perfect.

At 8:30pm the cab came for me. The driver was a nice guy and we chatted the whole way to the airport. Actually we already arranged, he would pick me up when I'd come back home. Ok, everything was ready to start my 1st trip to the Caribbean, yay!!!
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incredible! this was all my luggag…
incredible! this was all my lugga…
with my aunt and uncle :)
with my aunt and uncle :)
who dares to take my mom away from…
who dares to take my mom away fro…
Sorry, Gunther... Id miss you...
Sorry, Gunther... I'd miss you...
table looked nice ;)
table looked nice ;)
chilling out at the terrace: mom, …
chilling out at the terrace: mom,…
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