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This morning I woke up and realized that Italy is stuck in the 80's.  Between the non-stop 'Party Music' infomercial with the dancing girl in leotards, and the MTV wake-up show playing all the 80's hits (Walk like an Egyptian), and the desk clerk with a mullet, I was feeling very retro. 

The difference in the city from just a few weeks ago is remarkable.  I slept in and then took the guided walks from my Rick Steves guidebook.  I was stunned to see how many people were out.  It was almost a whole other city.  I'm not dissapointed in being here earlier because I missed crowds at the attractions.  However it was really nice to see all the people, venders, etc this time.  Tonight I'm going out for a nice dinner at the Fiero del Campi area I think, since that's supposed to be pretty busy too.

My first indicator that there were a lot of people here now happend at the metro station.  As I was on the escalator going down to towards the tracks I noticed that there were so many people that you almost couldn't get off the escalator, I had to push my way through and then wait for 2 trains to pass before I could get on. 

I started at the Piazza Spagna which was really nice and then wandered around from there.  As I hiked around looking at all the shops, and searching for gifts, I found that I really enjoy Rome, and that I really enjoy the nice weather.  It's almost 18C° today and I could have been in shorts. 

I bumped into a small museum with reporductions of the machines drawn my Divinci.  That was a neat exibit.  Then I found my way to the Piazza Vittoria where the police had blocked off the entire area and were standing by in riot gear.  I had noticed an increased police presence anyway, but this was an eye opener.  I remembered seeing riots in Rome while I was in Bologna, but didn't put it all together until I was standing there, being diverted from my path. 

Once I made it to the Camp Fori square I found a huge market selling all sorts of stuff.  That was really neat, and if I had a kitchen I would have bought all sorts of veggies, meat, etc for dinner.  If I had space in my bag there are a bunch of kitchen gadges I was drooling over as well.  Instead I bought a cup of coffee, and read my book a bit.

This has been a great trip, and a great ending to it.  I can't wait to come back.


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