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I forced myself out of bed at 8:30 this morning because check-out was at 10 and I wanted to get moving.  I felt like I had fully explored Rome, even having stopped at an Irish Pub (Trinity College Pub) on the way back in last night.  A quick shower, some packing, and I was off. 

I got a ticket at the electronic machine, which is nice because there are so many terminals you don't have to wait in line like you do when working with an actual agent.  The price between 2° class and 1° was minimal so I upgraded myself and headed to the trains.  I was a little early so I had to search to figure out which track my train would arrive on.  16...perfect I was standing right in front of it.  I looked up and the train was coming down teh tracks.
..but it was early....then the sign lit up indicating it was a different train.  Now I was worried.  I was early, but not that early.  I checked the electronic billboard.  My train was listed, but the track was blank.  All of the other trains had tracks...but not mine.  I looked around and realized that there were many others looking at the sign too, probably waiting for the same information.  The sign did say that our train was 10 min late so I relaxed a bit.

Suddenly the sign lit up...track 14.  I heard movement, the entire crowd was moving towards that track.   Fortunatly it was right next to 16 (I don't know where 15 is at) 

The train ride was nice.  It was only a couple of hours which gave me time to do a little Napoli research, read my book (a new one.
..I finished one last night), and study Italian.  I brought a grammer book with me so I could start to get the basics...surprisingly it's been helpful.  I can almost count now.  I did all that and had a little time to rest.  The train movement and noise lulls you into it I think.

I arrived in Napoli, now 20 minutes late.  Not that I'm on a schedule...heck I'm on vacation.  I put on my backpack and walked out into the city

Yuck!  Can I get back on the train?  Piazza Garibaldi is disgusting.  Even if you ignored all the graffiti and trash you can't ignore all of the street hawkers selling fake iPhones purses and sunglasses, else they would pick your pocket.  I had read all about the pickpockets but thought it was mearly safe travel mumbo jumbo.
One of the largests statues in the world.
  Not in Napels...I'm confident that if I had stopped moving for a moment I would have been naked in a heartbeat.

The walk was tough.  I don't have any luck with busses so I genearlly avoid them.  I can usually walk somewhere faster anyway.  I had a little difficulty finding the correct street out of the piazza, but then finally did and was on my way.  There was a ton of construction and the hike took about 30 min or so but eventually I found my hostel.  It's pretty well situated and is definatly safe.  There are two large locked doors bettwen the building and the outside world, and that's in addition to the door to my dorm.  As I was headed to my room the hostel warned me of pick pockets...yea yea I thoght.  Who doesn't say that anymore.
The front of the museum

After settling in just a bit I went out, intending on purchasing an Arte Card (which I learned about from Rick Steves) and seeing the Secret Room at the National Museum.  As I left the hostel again warned me about pick pockets...and then lectured me because my wallet was in my back pocket.  I didn't tell him that I have buttons closing the back pocket...his point was made.  I put my wallet in my front pocket and became very worried. 

It took a bit to get to the museum.  The public transport system here is still....a work in progress.  I did have the chance to take a funichelli (sp), basically it's a tram that takes you right up a steap hillside.  They have 4 of them here and they're part of the public transport system.  For only 1€ you get 90 min worth of transportation on bus, metro, or funichelli.  After a bit of wandering around some castles, the opera house, a few piazza etc I found the museum.

The museum was nice, but I think I was there during a school visit day.  That was painful.  If I'm not interested in seeing a museum I don't go.  These kids don't have that option, so instead they just talk and flirt with each other.   With that said, I did see a lot of relics that came from Pompii.  Since I have to go through Pompai to get to Mt. Vesuvious I thought it was interesting.  In the next day or two I intend on going to Mt Vesuvious and walking to the top.  I've read the walk's not that bad.

After the museum I wandered town a bit more, and then finally figured out where I wanted dinner.  The hostel had recommended a place that I figured would be worth trying.  It was right next to the bay and the walk along the bay was supposed to be nice at night.  After I started my trek down to the sea I figured I'd try the bus.  Since the metro system here wasn't that good the bus can't be that bad...right.  After all the last time I got lost on a bus was....oh yeah, last night.  (I got off at what I thought was Roma Termini, but was in fact Roma O., another major train station, far from Termini)

I stood at the bus stop.  It was a busy street, and the sign said that the bus would take me where I needed to go.  I stood...and waited...and shifted my weight around...and then looked around.  "Gosh, it seems like the street I'm on is a one-way street...the other way," I thought to myself.  I saw two busses come up the one-way...but none came towards me.  It didn't help that there was a traffic jam at the intersection I was watching.  Finally I gave up.  I was pleased that as I walked down the road it became clear that it was a one-way street (the wrong way) but that busses were permitted to go against traffic.  It doesn't make sense to me.  Either way...my experience with the bus was a failure again. 

Dinner was great...the stroll along the Napoli Bay was beautiful.  I've got a few things on my list for tomorrow, and after that I'm moving to Sorrento.
dkcotter says:
Cannot wait to read your next entry.
And the pics are great. :) xo
Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
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One of the largests statues in the…
One of the largests statues in th…
The front of the museum
The front of the museum
photo by: spocklogic