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Lucca is a fully walled city which was on my way to Bologna.  I thought it would be neat to see and felt that I had experinced the Cinque Terre enough, as beautiful as it is.

My train ride was again a bit long, this time because I hit a stroke of bad luck.  I didn't check the train schedule for getting out of Manarola and ended up waiting an hour there, then another hour in La Speize for the train to Lucca.  Bummer.  My connection was quick though and I was only on the trains about 90 min. 

When I got here I was very impressed.  They've taken the walls and have made them a walking/biking path all the around the historical part of the city.
  It's really neat and well worth a visit.  It's small enough to see in a day, on the way to another big stop, but large enought that if you wanted to relax a bit, this could be a place to do so for a day or two.  The streets are narrow, and cobblestone which I love.  The old Roman Ampitheater has been converted to a beautiful plazza with shops, diners, and people. 

The walk along the walls is great, you can see a lot of the city from them as you stroll.  There is a bike rental available which was recommended by Rick Steves, but I chose to just walk.  Walking is nice (even though my feet hurt earlier while I carried my backpack.)  They had a garden show along part of the wall which was really interesting.  I want so bad to pick up some seeds and take them home but I'm sure that either Customs, or my brown thumb would ruin that idea.

It started to rain on me so I turned that into internet time.  Internet here is a little more expensive then other places, but it's a small cost since I'm just updating this blog and checking email.

Dinner was again amazing.  I realized today that I've been splurging a bit on dinners but since I'm still in my budget I'm okay with that.  Tonight it was a seafood carbonara followed by a shrimp rissoto.  Too many starches, but it tasted great.  Wow...I'm gonna have to learn how to make all this.
cotterb says:
Bummer...the parking police found you quick. I'm glad you enjoyed this town too.
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
bernard69 says:
sorry for my broken English!I have parked outside the town and paid till noon.I came back at 12 02 and got one:)))))))))))))))))))))))
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
cotterb says:
Parking fine... or A parking fine? It seemed like this could be a great town to drive into instead of taking the train/bus. There seemed to be plenty of parking around the outside, and the traffic was light.

Did you drive in?
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
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