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Pompeii is amazing.  It was an incredible set of circumstances that would have permitted this kind of destruction to occur, yet still allow us to experience the moment in time it occurred. 

Getting there was easy and walking around was great.  I used the Rick Steves Italy walking guide and felt like I had a good sense of what Pompeii offered.  A lot of the original artifacts are actually in the museum at Napoli which I had visited, but it's really difficult to put it back together now that they've removed them.  They have been creating replicas in the Pompeii ruins so that you can see what they found, without risking the actual artifacts. 

I spent about 2 hours there.  You could do more, but by then you're pretty exhaused from waking over all of the big stone streets etc.
An ancient oven and mill (right).
  My favorite part was going to the brothel.  I know this is a bit childish, but they had actual drawings from that time depicting sexual acts performed by the prostitutes there.  That was neat to see how some things don't change much.

From Pompii I went to Mt Vesuvious.  Finding the bus was the hardest part.  I wandered all around until I got lucky and found the right place.  Everyone told me, including the guide books, that the bus was next to the tourist information center.  The TI did't exist anymore, or at the least was closed and didn't have any signs out.  The bus driver was crazy.  I know he spent more time on the horn then he did on the brakes and we almost had a head on collision with another car.

Once at the top we were on our own.
Pompeii with Mt Vesuvious in the background.
  They walk you up a series of switch backs until you get to the edge of the remaining crator, then you walk around it.  The wind was wild.  I was suprised I didn't blow off of it.   Despite the steep climb I hiked all the way to the end of the trail, checked out the gift shop and headed back down.  There are several little gift shops on the crator and the only unique thing they sell is wine made from grapes grown on the mountain side.  I doubt it's something you can't buy elsewhere and since i still have 2 weeks to go I didn't buy any.  Carrying wine (or water for that matter) in your backpack is heavy. 

Once back in Pompii I was exhausted, but wanted to make a couple of phone calls.  During the phone calls I, of course, missed my train.  Another hour wait, and I was back in Sorrento where, after dropping of my stuff, I went down to a recommended resturant which, as Murphy has it, was closed.  I did find one near by which was open.  The service was great, the crab stuffed ravoli was incredible, and the fried calamari was excatly what I had been craving.  I'm not sure I'll be able to find calamri like that anywhere else.
avapoet says:
Pompeii's really quite spectacular, isn't it? I visited it a few years ago.
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
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An ancient oven and mill (right).
An ancient oven and mill (right).
Pompeii with Mt Vesuvious in the b…
Pompeii with Mt Vesuvious in the …
Hot/cold tables where they would s…
Hot/cold tables where they would …
The crator of Mt Vesuvious
The crator of Mt Vesuvious
Me at the end of the trail with th…
Me at the end of the trail with t…
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