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Today I am off to Milan, the fashion capitol of the world.  I expect that some heads will turn when I arrive, mostly because I'm a fashion nightmare, especially with the 'practical' clothing I tend to wear when travelling.

The train was good, but it seemed to take forever.  Traveling to smaller cities can drive the train time up quickly, and taking fast trains when you can drives your travel cost up.  Additionally, fast trains don't run as ofter as their slower cousins, so showing up at the train station often means several hours of waiting if you want a fast train.  Since I'm on vacation I just get on the slow train and read.

When I arrived in Milan it wasn't raining.

  It seems like it's been raining non stop since I left Rome.  I still dream of the days in Rome when I walked around in shorts while sweating in St. Peters Square.

At the train/bus terminal in Milan I didn't notice anything that would support that Milans number one industry is fashion, but I did notice on the ride to my hostel that car's here rule the street.  In most of the other cities the pedestrians just walk out in the street when they want to cross and the cars stop.  In Milan it's just the opposite, and the peds will often mind the crosswalk lights.  As I watched the drivers swerve in and out of buses, and noticed the trollys with their strangly configured tracks, I understood why.


My hostel was...different.  I almost said nightmare, but that's not quite right.  There isn't a sign for it from the street.  You have know the address.  Once you find it you buzz and they let you in.  It's actually located in an office building, which really isn't that uncommon.  My hostel in Napoli was the same way.  The elevator worked which was nice since the hostel/hotel is on the 4th floor.  I was the first in my room for the night and couldn't help but notice that the ensuite bathroom meant that there was a glass shower in the middle of the room.  There was also a sink, but no toilet.  The hotel showed me that there were two bathrooms, one of which also had another shower in it.  Obviously the shower in the room is odd, but if it's a single sex dorm that's okay then I guess?

I left the hostel to get a start on the rest of my Milan visit.

  I first made reservations for the Last Supper, the painting by Divinci.  I couldn't actually make direct reservations, so instead I joined a bus tour of the city which pre-reserves tickets for their clients.  It was 55€ for the tour but that included admission to a couple of places including the painting.  That tour is tomorrow at 9:30am.

Then I found the english language bookshop.  I was on a mission for book 5 of the series I was reading, Stephen King's Dark Tower.  In Perglia I found books 4 and 6, but was missing 5.  At this point I had finished 4 and was waiting...  I found it.  Books in English in Italy are not cheap.  I've made a mental note to try and brings more books if I travel like this again.  Otherwise I'm going to have to find a new way to pass the time.

The final stop was the Divinci Science Museum.  It was actually pretty good, and at only 5€ (I think) it was a good value.  There were a couple of school groups which made it difficult to see some of the more interesting exhibits, but many of the signs were in English and it was all about technology which was neat. 

While I passed through the Duomo plaza, which is the center of Milan, I didn't do much with it since the Duomo is part of my tour tomorrow.

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photo by: williamsworld