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At the San Francisco Church
Today was the big cooking class I've been excited about since I left Denver.  I really should have made plans, but instead, last week, I emailed a couple of places and told them when I could be in Bologna for a class.  Two schools responded, so I took the cheaper class.  I had hoped to take a several day course, but they only had one day available for me, today. 

I went to the Vecchia School of Cooking (La Vecchia Scuola).  During the 4 hour course we made fresh pasta dough and then from that made tortelloni which we stuffed with a ricotta cheese stuffing. Then we took the same dough and made tagliatelle (long strips of pasta like speghetti, but flat and thin, and finally a tortellini stuffed with a pork filling.

Tortelloni and tortellini are the same shape, but tortellini is much smaller, and it was more difficult to make them. 

I was the only turist student in the class, but while I was there several students taking a 3 month course were there as well.  They moved fast, I moved slow, I guess practice makes perfect.  While we made the ricotta stuffing I didn't listen well enough so I didn't measure some of the ingredients (I thought they were pre measured and she was just telling me the amounts) so I dumped a bunch of parmesian cheese into the mixing bowl and I should have put just 200g.  We got through it and laughed.

While I was learning how to to fold and dry the tortelloni the chef took my pasta, boiled it, and mixed it with butter and sage.  We had that, along with the tortellini which was put in a beef/chicken broth and was a soup.  Finally, the chef took the remainder of the ricotta cheese, put it in a dough, and cooked it, making a quesadilla of sorts.   The tagliatelle was mixed with a traditional bolognase sauce.  I qualify it as traditional because it's not like the bolognase that most americans are used to, there was very little tomato in it. 

All of the food was incredible tasting.  The other students were great.  One of them was from Germany.  She met her husband who is canadian and they moved to Italy for his work.  She was just learning because she was interested.  Other students wanted to go onto open their own resturants.  While I made a dough with 6 eggs and 600g of flour, they were doing it with 15 eggs and 1.5kg of flour.  It was neat watching them. 

After class I went back down town and just looked around.  Unfortunatly, outside of the food, there isn't a lot going on in Bologna.  It could easily be a day trip for most tourists and Rick Steves doesn't even mention it in his Italy guide. 

I'm excited to get home and try to see if I can remember how to do this.  I did buy the recipie book and DVD from them so I can refresh my memory if needed.  I found that the home made pasta was easy, so I will probably try to do it at home more often.

quinnkim says:
It sounds delicious, you're making dinner on Monday night!
Posted on: Mar 31, 2009
dkcotter says:
Okay, I'm hungry. sounded like lot's of fun.
Posted on: Mar 30, 2009
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At the San Francisco Church
At the San Francisco Church
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