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Wow.  This was a full day.  I think I saw all of Rome.  Having been here before I was able to prioritize my sightseeing and only went into one museum.

The plane landed at 0630hrs.  I was in the very back of the plane on the side where there were only 2 seats.  I sat next to the best passenger a traveler can find.  One who didn't have to go to the bathroom much and didn't want to make small talk.  It was great.

Passport control and Customs were quick so I was on the 30 min train to the city center by 7:30.  I was a bit worried at first because none of the ATM's in the airport worked.  They all said "Dip your card to begin," but they gave an error after trying to contact the bank computers.
  Once I got to the train station I was able to find one.On the train into town I realized I hadn't printed my hostel reservation.  While I vaguely remembered where it was at I feared I would have to find an internet cafè to get to the hostel.  I wasn't in a rush though since I knew checkin wasn't until noon.  I ended up lucking out and finding that my hostel was listed in my travel guide as well. 

At 0930 I was checking in and learned that I couldn't get into my room until 3pm.  I smiled and put my bag in the luggage room before I shook my head in frustration.  At this point I had been up for 18 hours...and still had 6 more before I could even get into my room...let alone sleep.  In a way it worked out....I didn't lose the day to travel, instead I walked all over the city.

I took the subway (Metro) to the colosseum after picking up a lunch of Babel cheese, proscuitto, Red Bull, and little snack sausages.  I like to wrap the proscuitto around the cheese.  I wanted to see the Colosseum again, but didn't need to go inside.  As I wandered, looking for a place to sit and eat, the turisty gladiators kept offering to take my picture.  It only costs a few Euro tip, but I wasn't in a touristy mode.  I  wanted to be a tourist...not act like one.  With that said, I almost did it when one of them said, "Hey Big Boy, how about a photo?" 

From there I started to make my way to the Pantheon.  Rome, and lots of towns in Europe, are neat because you walk through narrow alleyways to get places.  They call them streets, but I know my truck wouldn't fit through most of them.
  After a short bit you suddenly exit the alley into WOW!  That's exactly how the Pantheon went.  Just as I was starting to wonder if I would ever get there....boom, there it was. 

I didn't realize it was a church until I was already inside, reading the sign about how you shouldn't be wearing shorts.  Oops.  I took a few photos and left.  Inside was amazing.  From the outside it looks big, from the inside it looks bigger. 

Then I started walking around.  The Pantheon was the only major site I hadn't seen already so my check list was complete.  I ended up going back to Piazza Novana, the Trevi Fountain, and walking by all of the big sites you can see in between, ending up at St Peters Basilica. 

Being that the Vatican Museum is so big, and that there was a new pope since I had been here last, I decided to go in.
  It was amazing, just like last time.  I remain amazed at how much they have...even though much of it is lost on me.  Especially the Contemporary Religious Art.  On item was just a big red canvuss painted red....yep...just red.

As I left the museum (or is it His Museum?) I found it was just after 3pm.  I got back to my hostel.  As I went to shower that's when I discovered that the shared bathroom and shared dorm meant it was shared between both genders.  The kicker is...there's no where to change cloths at.  The showers have full doors, but only enough room to shower...not even space to put a towel, spare clothing, or anything else you think of when you realize there's no where to change at.  Fortunatly my room was empty and male only so I just wrapped my towel around myself and showered.
  When in Rome...

After a couple of hours reading and letting my eyes rest some I changed clothes and went out for dinner.  Pasta carbonera was the special so I dug in.  I have discovered that even though they offer 15 courses at every restraunt it isn't necessary to order it all.  I just got one plate and some wine. 

When I first went out I intended on going to some of the bars, but by the time I was done eating I realized I was still physically exhausted.   It was 9pm at this point so I returned to the hostel, checked my email, and hit the sack by 11pm. 
sylviandavid says:
What a full and happy day.... It is funny how you find things in the city....Parthanon and Trevi fountain seem to be tucked in.... I enjoyed reading this. Sylvia
Posted on: Mar 24, 2009
aswold says:
You should have tried to meet up with a TravBuddy!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
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All the tourists at the colleseum.
All the tourists at the colleseum.
Cops, actually directing traffic.
Cops, actually directing traffic.
Inside the Pantheon
Inside the Pantheon
Theres a McDonalds everywhere
There's a McDonalds everywhere
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