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This was the house we had our training at. this is the before pic. 2 bed room 2 bath

     I joined the volunteer fire dept in 1999. I joined while i was still in high school. I have enjoyed every day of it. it has been my life. I have met and helped diffrent people. When I joined up I was on Florien fire dept. and was there for about 6 months. I had moved about 4 miles up the road to another town Fisher Louisiana. Where I joined up at there fire station. I remember that station so well. There was one night when we got a call. I was so sick. The fire chief lived right behind me. When we got the call I went arround the corner to his house to pick hime up. When he came to the door I was still puting on my clothes. I got laughed at for ever on that. and still do. I stayed ont hat station for 5 years. We had so much fun there. We did lots of stuff.

This si the house fully in gulfed with flames.
Like showing off the fire trucks to kids and giving hay rides during Halloween. That was the good ole days.

     In 2005 I went to join up on Many fire dept in Many Louisiana. right next to the house I was renting. From there I went on to joint the rescue squad. I took lots of classes and recieved lots of certificates for the Jaws of life. My friend on the fire dept had got me in to the dive team (Under water search and recovery team) I thought oh yeah i get to dive. but it didnt turn out the way i thought. But I am still doing it. I have seen lots of bad stuff when we did a recovery. Stuff I hope nobody ever has to see. That is the worst thing to see when u pull some one out of the water after they been there for so long.

This was taken in side the house after we set it on fire.

     I have been on the fire dept for 10 years now. I enjoy every day of it. I have seen new people come and go. I dont think they really liked what they got in to. It aint for every body. I have seen people I know and was close to hurt or even killed. But the hardest thing is when u make a call on a baby or child. Specially when you have some your self. I remember one call I went on. I cant give out names or any thing like that for personal reasons. But the call was a signal 20 (MVA Car wreck) 3 passangers in one car and 1 passanger in the other car. they hit head on. did not know what we was getting in to. The first ariving fire fighter called back said there was a 2 year old involved and to turn out hats arround.

This was the best. we captured this right when it was starting to Flash. very dangerouse. do not try this at home.
All I could remember that day was hearing that scream over the radio of that child.

     When I arrived on scene. The 2 year old was in the passanger front seat in the mothers lap. No aftey belt on. When they hit the airbags deployed. crushing the infant in to the mother. We worked on the baby cause we did not know what all was wrong. She was the transported to LSU in Shreveport Louisiana By Life Air rescue. thats a medivac chopper. I know the whole time I was wanting to kick the mothers but for not having the baby in a car seat. But you see that every day no matter where you are. When you have kids seeing something like that really gets to you. I know it does me, even after 10 years of serving. Not long after the wreck I did some searching and found out that the baby was gonna be ok.

this was taken at the back of the house. while we were in side doing some training.
After hearing that I joined up and became an EMT-F (first responder). I wanted to further my skills and be able to help people more than just fighting fires and cutting out of vehicles. I have taken numbers of classes from LSU fire and emergancy training institute from Shreveport Louisiana. and have recieved so many awards and certificates.

     The fire dept has been my life for so long. It is something I enjoy. Some say it is like a drug. Once you get hooked it is hard to stop. And thats true. you can be dead tired and when that tone goes off on that radio or beeper, your heart starts pumping. nithing like a good adriniline rush to get you going. I have spent countless hours on calls and at the fire station. My fiance andk daughter loves it.

Dont let this happen to u.
I cant wait till the baby gets old enough to know what I am doing. It takes alot of dedication and heart to do what a volunteer fire fighter does. Remember we aint paid. we do it for free. and ask for nothing in return. We hear alot of people gryping, what took you so long, why didnt you get hear sooner. Well volunteers dont live at the station. they live in there house. when they get called out at 2 or 3 in the morning they dont have to go. but we do. thats dedication.

     I still after 10 years dont see why people are so rude about it. Why cant they just say thank you for comming and helping us out. Dont get me wrong. We do get people that say thank you or bring us water to drink during the summer and hot coco or coffe during the weekend. Those people really are the ones that care. Well I hope we can find more people that would like to join and serve. I hope every body likes what I wrote. This is about me and the fire dept and what i have done.

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This was the house we had our trai…
This was the house we had our tra…
This si the house fully in gulfed …
This si the house fully in gulfed…
This was taken in side the house a…
This was taken in side the house …
This was the best. we captured thi…
This was the best. we captured th…
this was taken at the back of the …
this was taken at the back of the…
Dont let this happen to u.
Dont let this happen to u.
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