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Well, I've been browsing through this great TB site and found that although the world is so big and so many places to go, my country often is a dream destination for many.

Ofcourse Amsterdam, and maybe other cities, but there are a lot of parts of the Netherlands which iare nice to take a look at. And because it is a small country, it is easy to combine different things.

As you can see on the foto, I have a dog (ofcourse the best dog in the world haha) and because of that I have spent a lot of time with him on the beach, forest and moor with him. That's where a took a lot of pictures which I want to show you so you have, besides the cities here, an impression of the countryside.

I live in the area where the big rivers stream (Waal, Rijn) and not to far away on the north side of Arnhem there is a big national park called the "Veluwe". It is situated between Arnhem in the south and Apeldoorn more in the north. I go often to the part just above Arnhem called the "Veluwezoom" It is nice area with forrest and moorefields.

Another part I like a lot is the seaside. I find it always nice to be near water and espcially the sea. Here we have very broad beaches. And because we live belowe the sealevel (yes, I know very strange to people who don't live here haha) we have very high dunes and also seadikes to protect us from the sea if it gets very rough and brutal. In the province "Zeeland" we have big engineringconstructions to protect us from the sea. They started these big projects after the disaster in 1953, when the land was flooded by the sea.

Welll I hope you enjoy, taking a look around the Netherlands sitting comfortly at your home, browsing TB.

In the following entries you will find the pictures of the different parts of the Netherlands.


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