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     When the attack happened on 9-11. I was at work doing some paper work on a shipment that i had just recieved. When it came across the radio about one of the twin towers being hit. A co-worker came in to my office and we went to the break room to watch it on TV. I just new it was bad. after the plane hit the second tower my heart droped. All those people that are traped and the personel there to help. You know it goes threw your mind some time. What are we gonna do. But you try to do what you was trained for and give it all your best. Even thought they might not have been trained for that or even thought some thing like that would ever happened. I think they did there best.

     After I got off work. I went to the fire station where I was curently a fire fighter at. I had got word that people from across the world was being sent over to help. Me and a few others had put our name in to go and help out as much as possible.

But luckly we didnt have to go. Even though it has been so long after 9-11 I still pray for the families and fellow fire fighters that passed away on that day. Even though they are so far away and  in another state. They are still family to me. Ask any firefighter arround. we are all like family. go in alive and come out the same way. You go we all go.

     I hope when you read this that it brings something to you. I know it does me. I hope you like what you read. And next time you are walking down the street or passing by a fire station. Walk in or up to a fire fighter rather you know them or not, and tell them thank you for all they do. Rather they are paid or volunteer. Fire fighters dont get lot of appriecieation for what they do. An what they do is very dangerouse. When they get called out Rather it be during the day or 1 or 2 a clock in the morning, they never know if they are gonna come home safely.

They will never be forgotten
They risk there lives every day to help and protect each and every one of us. And they never ask for any thing in return. When they hear some one give them thanks or a hug or hand shake it makes the feel good. And lets them know that there is people out there that do appriciate what they do for us. I know cause I am a volunteer fire fighter/EMT. been one for 10 years. So tell a fire fighter thank you next time you see one.

So please support your fire fighters or local volunteer fire dept. They will appriciate it as much as you will. Just remember it might be you they are comming to help next.

Hymm to the Fallen Heros

Young and aged
volunteer and career,
man and woman
of all races and colors,
you left aching hearts behind

An eternal flame
warms your names
inscribed on cold, lifeless plaques
around this stone cairn
In the hearts you left behind
your memories abide
in undying gratitude

You asked nothing more
You knew the risks,
served without fear
and paid the highest price

You embody a quality
of which many only dream
Your selfesness for others
is now your eternal crown

O fallen comrades,
give us all this quality
that we may more fittingly
prolong your memory

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They will never be forgotten
They will never be forgotten
Our Haz-mat trailer
Our Haz-mat trailer
Our big tanker
Our big tanker
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