My flight from S.F finally takes off to Taipei. After that off to Hong Kong then finally Jakarta.

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At around 8:30 am the next morning (Saturday) we finally boarded the plane to Taipei. I had never been on an overseas trip before so when i saw how many people were going to be boarding the plane i was surprised to see that many people flying. I was expecting to have a semi-full plane but i was way off. I was seated between two small Asian girls. It was the most uncomfortable seat they could have put me in because i have long legs and i need room to stretch my arms and legs. Somehow i managed to make the most of the trip by shifting around and falling asleep. We were served three meals from S.F. to Taipei and surprisingly enough i thought the food was rather good (maybe i was just hungry). My flight from from the US to Taiwan was around 13.5 hours, it seemed like we would never get there. I was listening to my battery powered mp3 player but it was only 1 gb so i didnt have enough songs to listen to a different one the whole way there, i must have listened to the same song 3 times and replaced my battery at least 3 times. There was a movie playing on the plane but i could not see very well bc the projector was in the middle of a 3 row plane and all i could see was the top of peoples head and some parts of the screen. When the flight attendants spoke Chinese i felt completely lost. They did speak English as well so that was very good for me, otherwise i would have been helpless. When i finally heard the captain say we were about to land in Taipei i was so glad, i could not wait to get on my feet again. Our flight landed and we started getting off the plane.

I waited for at least 20 minutes before i finally got off the plane due to all of the people ahead of me. We got off the plane and walked into the terminal where we had to go to a desk that directed us to our connecting flight. The airport in Taipei does not have any signs telling you where to go (at least not in English) so there were a few flight attendants standing the in hallways telling us which way to go. We walked up and down a few flight of stairs and made our way to a train that took us to our connecting terminal. I was shocked to see a sign posted on a box near the check-in area that read 'please put all dangerous items here.' I guess they really trust their passengers to leave their guns and knives behind before boarding the plane. When i was walking to our terminal i stopped at a phone shop to see what cool gadgets they had there. I made the mistake of asking the sales lady (she was hot) how much it cost. Needless to say she didn't speak English so after embarrassing myself i walked out and went straight to the terminal. I pulled out my laptop so i could connect to the internet and to my surprise google was all in Taiwanese (WTF!!!). I logged into my gmail account but only because i knew what each log in square meant ( i remembered what it had said in English). How the hell am i supposed to know what it says in Taiwanese?? I got online and luckily found my friend from Indonesia to be online. I informed her that my flight was being delayed for 1 hour in Taipei and that I probably wouldn't get to Jakarta for several more hours because we had to stop in Hong Kong as well. Looking outside of the airport i couldn't see much of Taipei because it was very rainy and cloudy. Two hours after we arrived there we boarded our plane headed for Hong Kong. About an hour and a half later we made landfall in Hong Kong. From what i could see from our plane Hong Kong looks like a beautiful city because there are lots of skyscrapers, hills and the city is surrounded by water. I don't know if it was foggy/cloudy or there was a lot of pollution but the city looked to be covered in a hazy substance.

As soon as we got off the plane we had to hurry to our other plane which would take us to Jakarta. I hurried to get there so i could have time to go to the bathroom and get some water. I stopped at a souvenir shop and bought a couple of magnets then made my way to our terminal. Minutes later we boarded another China Airlines ticket bound for Jakarta. Before we landed i had to fill out a form that stated where i was coming from and why i was going to Indonesia and for how long. I was seated next to an Indonesian girl who didn't know what to fill out on her form. She asked me for help but she didn't know English and I did not know a lick of Indonesian. We arrived in Jakarta at about 8 pm. I saw the city of Jakarta from the air but i could not make any sense of it. The streets were did not make sense. In the US i'm used to streets going north > south and east > west but in Jakarta they didn't make any grids and it seems they had no sense of direction (at least the lights made it seem that way). We got off the plane and had to go to the customs booth where we had to check in and get our passports scanned and stamped. After doing so i walked into the main part of the airport going to the baggage claim area. I could not find the correct baggage claim since it was not clearly labeled. The only way i knew where my bags where is because i saw some of the locals that were with on my flight. After finding my bags I started to look for a public phone from which to call my friend to let her know i had arrived. I could not find a working phone and when i asked for other phones that might be in that area i could not communicate since no one spoke English either. The one person that i did find that spoke English was an old man who was trying to beg for some money from me. Finally i found someone who was willing to lend me their phone to make the call. I thought it would be free but it wasnt til my friend showed up that i realized they were asking for compensation for letting me borrow their phone for a 1 minute phone call. I was so glad to finally see a familiar face. Finally I could relax knowing i was in safe company.
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