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Indonesia Fruit
The morning we were leaving to Bali we had to wake up early. My friend, her sister and her boyfriend and I were taken to the airport by our driver. We were dropped off, got on the plane and said good bye to Jakarta for the next 3 days. An hour later we arrived in Bali. Upon arrival i saw very green aerial views of the trees as well as clear blue water. It was so nice to finally see a cleaner place than i had experienced in most of Jakarta. After getting our bags we met with my friends cousin who had flown in from Singapore to spend a few days with us in Bali. We drove around the island in our rental car for a few hours, went to the beach for a while then finally made our way to the Grand Hyatt hotel which is were we stayed. We were greeted by some of the hotel staff who took our luggage to our room for us. Everyone at the hotel was very hospitable. We got settled in our hotel and got ready to go out and eat.

We headed to a restaurant near the beach. After picking out the still-alive fresh fish which we were about to eat we headed to our seats. The fish we picked was the one that was cooked for us. The seats were really close to the water, in fact it was so close that the waves washed our feet a couple of times. You saw and heard the waves coming in, the lighting was minimal. That night the moon was full so it provided the right type of lighting. We were in a horse shoe type cove and all around us you could see houses that were lit up. It was the perfect place to enjoy fresh delicious food all under the perfect conditions. The food was awesome and the prices were very cheap compared to what you would pay in the States for a comparable meal. After eating we drove around the island for a while then headed back to our hotel to settle in for the night.

The next morning we woke up early so we could go explore the island. We hired a driver/tour guide who took us to a temple that was doing a Bali dance similar to a Chinese New Year celebration. After that we went to a place that sold beautiful hand painted paintings and a jewelry making place where everything was hand made with products from the island. Later that day around noon we headed to the Tepi Sawah restaurant which had great food with superb service. I had fried duck with rice and a few other side dishes which were delicious. From there we went to another temple which had a great view. There were locals there bathing in fresh spring fed water and worshiping. It was a really awesome place to visit. From there we headed to the famous Bali rice fields which are an awesome sight to see. Everything is so green and everything seems very fresh. The rice is in paddies that are cut into the side of the land surrounded by large palm trees. After the rice fields we drove to another tourist spot that had Luwak coffee which is apparently a very expensive and exotic type of coffee. There is a fox that eats the coffee beans, passes the beans without digesting them and after that they are cooked and made into coffee. I tried this coffee and actually it was not bad at all I figured if i came halfway across the world i was going to try something exotic. After our delicious cup of joe we headed to the Batur volcano. Once we got there it was another breath taking view. The view was from the side of the road which is on the side of the mountain. From there you see a lake at the bottom of the mountain surrounded by other mountains as well as the volcano. A local man was trying to sell me a chess set. The chess set was all hand made and carved from a wood local to the area, it was a great piece of work. He started off asking $50 dollars and later dropped his price to $5. I would have bought it from him because i felt so bad but there was no way i could carry it back with me since my luggage bag was barely big enough for my clothes. When we got done with the volcano tour we rushed to get to another popular tourist spot. It was another temple on the edge of the Indian Ocean on top of a very high cliff. The view and sound of the waves crashing into the side of the cliff was phenomenal. Everyone there was there to see the beautiful sunset but we arrived when the sun had already gone down so we missed out. You could see lots of monkeys in that area just roaming around freely. Everyone was exhausted by that point so we headed to another restaurant to get dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant the hostess from the restaurant opened the door to our vehicle and greeted us with flowers which were put behind our ears. We had a great meal and were treated to a Bali dance performed by two pretty girls with several guys playing the music for their dance.
We finally head back to our hotel and somehow we found the energy to go out to the clubs in the popular bar/club area in Bali. I got to see the memorial where the Bali club bombing in October of 2002. It was very surreal to be in a place that killed so many tourists and made headlines around the world. We went to a few clubs which were playing decent music filled with lots of tourists. After a few hours we headed back to our hotel to crash for the night.

The next morning we woke up early again so we could check out of our hotel and get ready to see the rest of the island. Before checking out i walked around the hotel and took several pictures of the hotel as well as the beautiful beach. The view was incredible and there was such a feel of peace around that you did not want to leave. The time came for us to leave our hotel. We headed to Ulun Danu Temple which has one of the best natural views ive seen. The weather was perfect with a cool breeze coming down the mountain. The clouds were low enough that parts of the mountain was covered and the feeling was out of this world. I did not want to leave from that place, everything was perfect about it. As with most things the feeling did not last forever because we had to rush to our next destination, Tanah Lot. We arrived at Tanah Lot a few hours before sunset so we spent some time walking around the water taking pictures. After some time walking around i found the perfect spot from which to take sunset pictures. The sun slowly crept down giving this very bright yellow light which reflected off the ocean. Watching the sun come down behind the Tanah Lot temple was probably the best sun set i've seen in my life. There was not a cloud in the sky, you could hear the waves crashing into the shore and you could feel the perfect breeze coming off the water. I took as many pictures as i could so i could remember this for a very long time. This was the perfect way to end a trip to Bali, you couldn't expect anything better. When the sun finally disappeared into the horizon we found our driver who took us to a very nice relaxed restaurant. I couldn't find anything exotic to eat there so i had to settle for regular Bali type food. After eating we headed over to a couple of other restaurants/bars which were decorated and set up very nice. The mood was very relaxed at two places we stopped at. The music was lounge type music and everything was very comfortable. You could hear the waves coming ashore. The lighting was minimal but perfect, you could enjoy the moonlight under those conditions. One of the places we visited had huge pillows on which you could lounge on. After seeing those places it definitely wants to make you go back to enjoy everything that you didn't experience.

The time for us to leave Bali had arrived. I had experienced so much in only a few days.
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Indonesia Fruit
Indonesia Fruit
photo by: mr_shanet