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In June of 2008 i purchased my round trip flight tickets from Houston to Jakarta via Cheapoair.

I was originally supposed to have flown out of Houston but due to Hurricane Ike my flight out of Houston was cancelled at 4 hours before my departure. The option i was given was to wait 3 days later to leave on my original flight but i could not wait. I was using vacation time from to go on this much anticipated trip so i decided to purchase a flight ticket from Austin to San Francisco so i wouldn't have to wait 3 days to begin my trip.

I bought a ticket that same day (friday) and flew out of Austin late in the evening hoping to make it to San Francisco by 1 am the next morning (saturday). My first delay was in Denver where we stopped to get on the connecting flight to San Francisco. After a few hours of waiting we finally boarded the plane to S.F. I got to S.F two hours before my flight to Taipei was supposed to take off. I got off the plane, waited to pick up my bags and literally ran from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. When i finally got to the China Airlines check-in booth i saw this long line of travelers waiting in line. There must have been 200 people ahead of me, many of them had several carts full of luggage. After about an hour and a half of waiting in line i finally made my way to the check-in counter. China Airlines had to validate my ticket since that was my (first) flight on my all-in-one travel ticket since i didn't get on the first plane from Houston. After a while they validated my ticket and when i was given my flight tickets i was told there was an 8 hour delay from S.F to Taipei due to a typhoon over Taiwan. My day was full of delays and i was exhausted by this point.

Earlier that day (Friday) i woke up early to go to work so i was pretty exhausted from that. Adding 2 delays to the mix just turned my entire day into such a mess. We were given $15 dollars in meal tickets from China Airlines as a way to keep us from starving before our flight. I went over to a Japanese noodle shop in the airport and had some Udon noodles. That was really the only meal i had all day long so it was nice to finally get some food in my stomach. Seating was scarce and by that time everyone who was on the same flight as me had taken up all of the comfortable seating so i was stuck with a small table. My eyes began to get red and irritated from my contacts being in all day long. After going to the bathroom to brush my teeth (half assed bc my toothpaste was on my luggage which had already been check into the plane) and take my contacts out i wandered around the airport and found the most uncomfortable seats but i took them because it was semi-quiet there and not too many people around. I tried to sleep for a couple of hours but i had a hard time because i didn't want to leave my carry-on unattended and people were being obnoxiously loud on their phone.
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photo by: cabotono