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Today we woke up around 7am as at 8 we had to meet our tour guide and a young couple from Belgium. We left around 8.15 and drove toward the Atlas Mountains. On the way we saw beautiful landscapes and many Berber authentic villages (16th and 17th century). I am attaching some of the photos I took on the way. So you know, the whole trip cost us 500 Dirhams/person.

Our next stop was Ourika Valley, but for some reason we found the the road was closed by natural disasters so it took us for ever to get there. I would say we drove for almost 2 ½ hours. The landscapes were incredible but the touristic business around it were awful! It was packed of small bars and restaurants in very poor conditions. We got there around 2pm, so we had lunch before heading to the Setti Fadma Cascades.
We had Chicken Tajin in a very crapy place although the food was awesome!

Our tour guide was sooo rood… he barely talked to us and gave us no indications whatsover! To tell you the truth, when I came back to the Riad I had no idea what we just had visited, so I spent an hour surfing the web to find all the information I needed to keep writing on my blog. Travel Agencies in Jamma El Fna are not very professional ☺ so I don´t think I can recommend you to take any of the excursions. They have beautiful natural resources, but we just did not find the right people to show it to us. Besides, Ourika Valley was full of people following us trying to sell us something. If you ask anyone for directions, they would come with you all the way and they will ask you for money.
Well, even if you don´t ask they will come to you anyways and if you look at them or answer any question, you will have them for the rest of the way. And be prepared to give them from 30 to 50 Dirhams for the service!

Setti Fadma Cascades were 30 minutes from start to end, although it is very confusing to reach the end of it. There were may people around trying to give us directions, but they were so annoying that we did not ask anyone. We got lost several times, but we finally got there. Cascades were just nice, nothing superb! It is not very difficult to get to the end but you have to be specially careful with your shoes. Rocks are very slippery, and depending on what shoes you are wearing, you can be ice skating for a while. Actually, on the way down, I fell into the water! Lucky I kept my camera inside my backpag when this happened! The water was reallllyyyyyyy cold!

It took us another hour to return to Marrakech and our driver droped us at Jamma El Fna.
We were quite tired so we decided to go for a mint tea! But before we visited Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier. Most probably the best spot to take photos from Place Jamaa El Fna! Before you access the terrace you need to buy something, so I ordered a mint coffee, which is good and very cheap! We took some photos and we left before they even served us our teas ☺

At 8 pm our Riad had our dinner ready! What a nice setting! They decorated the table with flowers and they started bringing different dishes all typical from Marrakech! I even had some red wine with all of it! It has been one of our best dinners in the city! Well folks! That is all for this trip! I will start attaching photos and reviews this week! And if you guys have any questions, be free to ask! ;)
powderfan says:
This is a very helpful blog! I can't wait to go.
Posted on: Feb 27, 2010
seraphimkarlien says:
Interesting blog. Sorry you didn't have a good guide. Do you know if it is possible to visit these places on your own by public transport?
Posted on: Oct 18, 2009
asturjimmy says:
Marruecos,una pedazo aventura al lado de casa
Posted on: Feb 07, 2009
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