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We got up at 8am as we were scheduled to have breakfast at 9am. We went down to the dining room and everything was ready! We had some coffee, fresh orange juice, typical bread and several marmelades which came under a small “Tajín”. The owner, a lady in her sixties, came to us to find out about our first day. She was so nice to us that we started asking her some questions about today´s program.

We left the Riad around 10am and we headed towards Rue Riad Zitoun El Jedid, starting right at Place Jamma El Fna. This street is full of small stores selling all sorts of stuff. We ended entering one of them and buying several things from the Berebere and Touareg culture. Yesterday we spent some time in the souks and all salesguys became quite annoying not letting you breathe for a moment.
In this area salesguys were not behaving that way, so we could see, try and negotiate in a different manner, much more relaxed. Once we selected all items we wanted to buy we started negotiating the price. He began asking for 3625 Dirhams, and we ended up closing the price at1800 Dirhams. I am sure we could have gotten a better price if we insisted but the guy was so nice that we did not even bother. From there we went to the Dar Si Said Museum, but it was closed on Tuesday! Then we kept walking along Rue Riad Zitoun El Jedi until we came across Palais Bahia. What a beautiful spot! We spent almost an hour wandering inside the palace. The ticket to go in cost 10 Dirhams each, so it was a bargain. From there we reached Place des Ferblantiers where you see many workers designing and putting together beautiful lamps and other metal objects.
Right in one of the square´s corner, we saw a beautiful café which had an outdoor terrace overlooking the city. Its name was Kosybar (nice review in Lonely Planet).

Next stop was the Palaiis Badi, but as it was closed until 2.30pm, we decided to go for lunch. We had our Lonely Planet with us, but we just did not find the place the guide recommended.Walking along the Place, we came across Restaurant Le Tangia. Beautiful place for a quite lunch or dinner. For some reason there was nobody in the restaurant so we could sat down where we wanted.

It is an extraordinary restaurant right next to Place des Berblantiers. As soon as you go in you get inmersed in the Morroco culture. All tables were very well set and the lightening was just perfect! As the restaurant was empty, we sat down next to the window and we ordered Kababs! By the way, I tried the best red wine so far.
I am attaching a photo of the bottle! As in Europe, they also have half bottles, so thats what I had for lunch! Lucky I did not order a whole bottle…

Once lunch was over, we headed to the Sadiies Thombs. Everyone talked to us so well about it that when we saw it was quite dissappointing. The ticket to get in was 10 Dirhams, as in Palais Bahia. We did not spend more than 20 minutes inside. By the way, from Place des Ferblantiers to Sadíes Thombs is quite difficult to find your way around so it is recommendable to ask someone to guide you. By the way, people is never happy with the tip you give them. Yesterday a young guy helped us to get to the Sadíes Thombs, we gave him 25 Dirhams, and get got pissed! Ohhh well, I guess they will never be satisfied with what you give them ☺

Next stop: Majorelle Garden.
At the moment we started walking we did not know where it was, so we exit the walls and we kept walking along Bd Yarmouk until we reached Place Liberté! That was a looong way and I don`t recommend it to you as you don´t see anything interesting on the way. Be careful with your timetable! Majorella Garden closes at 5pm in the winter time and at 7pm in the summer! We got there just on time, as 10 minutes later they closed the doors. The ticket is 30 Dirhams each. It is better if you visit Majorella Garden when it is sunny, as it is very colourfull! There is a beautiful garden inside altough don´t expect a huge mansion. Overall it is worthwile to visit! It is a house designed by Jacques Majorelle and bought by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergere as a gift to the city!

From this beautiful spot we walked until the Place 16 November were all the new city starts.
There you will find a McDonalds, Zara, Levi´s and other popular places worldwide. Both, Majorelle Garden and this square are located in the Ville Nouvelle! The most modern neighbourhood in the city. There we had a coffee right in the center, a place named 16 Café. It was nothing special, as it is like any cafeteria you find in Europe. Right in front of it, nexto to the post office, you find Grand Café de la Poste. A must visit place if you want to eat well in a nice and cosy restaurante in Ville Nouvelle! Another day in Marrakech!
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