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So I decided that while I would wait for the bike shops to open I would go visit a friend of mine at the beach. She lives in Donghae which is on the East coast of South Korea. I had to take a bus obviously because my bike wasn't working at the time. It cost about 25,000 to get there and all evening. It really was a last minute decision. I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon and woke up, gave her a call and then went to the bus station. The last thing I needed after returning from Japan was to sit around in Suwon with no fast transportation. While at the bus station I saw some drunk old man try and start a fight with some guy who seemed like he was about to cry.
This was in the middle of the afternoon too. Some people just seem to never grow up I guess. I got to Donghae around 9 or 10 at night after transferring buses one time.

Once I arrived I hopped in the cab and made my way to Kye's apartment. The cab driver played some classic 1980's US dance music. I can't remember what song it was, but I remember it put a great big smile on my face. As I was still having a tough time being back, this certainly helped me with the reverse culture shock. Just a good ole fashion, good-time having son-of-a-gun for a cab driver dropped me off to what turned out to be....let's just say I'd rather not have went. I'm not gonna spend my time griping about every little detail, just the main ones that deserves attention of the venting-sort. After a beer, she asked what I wanted to do cause we could do whatever I wanted she said since I traveled clear across the country to chill.
I told her I was content sitting at the GS25 sippin beer so I could get some rest and spend the whole day at the beach. I spent a lot of time emphasizing my need for relaxation by the water. She said she wanted to take me to a norabong (karaoke room). Now I honestly am a pretty easy-going kinda guy I think, but I damn well sure I made my point clear that I, in fact, did NOT want to go listen to some drunk-ass Koreans sing crappy Korean songs. I would have rather put a bullet through my mouth to the back of my head. Well guess where we ended up. I asked her nicely to leave. Then I asked in a more abrupt manner after she asked for the menu, I actually just stood up and said she was welcome to come have a drink with me somewhere else....ok, done

The next day, we got up around 9am and the first thing I heard was, "Are you ready?" "Huh?" I said as I opened my eyes.
"Are you hungry?" "Not yet, maybe after I sit at the beach for an hour or so I may want a snack." Two minutes later I was handed a bowl of cereal. I tried to eat half of it but just wasn't feeling it cause we ended up eating a ton of fried food the previous night. Oh yeah and when it came time to pay that night she walked out the door without offering or anything, geez. So, after stomaching the stale cereal we headed out the door, me in my swimming suit and flip flops. We got on the bus and after an hour (I skip the delightful conversation we had) we were at a mountain. OK, I bit my lip and didn't say a damn thing. Then we hiked for two hours to see some waterfall. I took pictures. We left and had lunch. During lunch I ordered a beer. I ordered politely as I always do and have done the same way for the past six months.
The guy who worked there said something to Kye (who's bilingual) and it was obvious it was about me. I inquired as to his comments and he said that I acted like a thug how I ordered that beer. Yay, I'm even happier about things now. When I tried to ask about languages since she seems to have an excellent understanding of them, "Be quiet, you have no idea what your talking about!" I had it. Somehow or another I managed to never lose my temper, however I politely mentioned (if there is such a thing, maybe it was just a soft tone and never rose my voice that makes me think polite) my feelings about her rudeness and her overall personality. I was on the next bus home, which I had a few hours to kill so I finally got to go to the beach...funny thing, she decided to come along for the trip. Really? I appeased her presence for a bit, but mainly kept to myself and my new book. I slept the whole way back and hung out with some good people when I returned. It was nice to be back :)
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there is a really many it says
"there is a really many" it says
couples dress in matching clothes.…
couples dress in matching clothes…
way the beach
way the beach
notice how no one is wearing swim …
notice how no one is wearing swim…
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