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So, it seems like it has been quite awhile since I have updated this thing..Things happened that I don't want to forget, unfortunately, the memories are already starting to fade. I'm not even really sure where to begin...hmmm, I can't even really remember what all has been going on lately. I think it was two weekends ago, I bought a motorcycle. The Daelim125, nothing fancy or fast, but it is a bit more fun than the ole scooter...As a result, I have spent a fair amount of time just cruising around on that thing. I rode over to Hwasong to see my buddy Jacob. we sat out in front of the quickie mart and had a beer and chatted for a while. I've rode aimlessly around discovering new places and chill spots for reading or romance. There is a great little waterfall type thing not too far from my pad which is definitely a fav on the list.
I had just got back from the store one day, when I ran into my new neighbor that I met on the bus at 10am that morning. We hopped on and rode around for about 3 hours. We found a sweet little temple nearby. It was an active one too with monks chanting and beating on drums. They also did they temple stay there, but did not see any foreigners there trying to cleanse their soul of the impurities caused by soju. We also rode in the middle of some rice fields...That was an awesome part, just riding the throttle and flying by field after field with the wind in our hair and the dust trail behind..aahhh. Then there was the ride up to the mountain and the mini hike to follow so we could catch the sunset just in time.

I have recently come to the conclusion that Koreans are theiving bastards and are not to be trusted under any circumstance.
..okay okay, just kidding, but seriously recently I have an umbrella stolen (my fault though, shouldn't have left it there by the door of the coffee shop, but I thought I could TOTALLY trust everyone here), someone has stolen my two Star Wars toys that my sister mailed me (again, my fault for leaving them in the classroom at my school) and my motorcycle helmet (once again, yep my fault. I thought I could trust my neighbors not to steal something that keeps me safe when parked in the garage at my apartment).
Afterward, I dropped Amy at her place and went and met Lucy, the student teacher from my school. We engage in a thorough language exchange often. She really is a great teacher. She treated me to a traditional Korean meal too where I ate some fish eyes.
Too salty and a bit crunchy, then we went to go watch Terminator 4...boooo!!!! Worst movie ever!

This past weekend I had a soccer match at the school where the teachers beat the tar out of the students once again. I made my mark on the field by hustling and not letting anything get through my side...buncha punks thought the American was no good at soccer, HA...I showed them just how terrible I really was, but seriously I did take a nasty fall on my left side which resulted in my gasping for air, but no worries I totally played it cool...can't have my students talking shit in school in a language I don't understand. And of course, during half time my principal was there ready and waiting for me with a cold drink. water, one would think would be the most appropriate beverage for someone mid game, but that's not how we role. I was greeted with an ice cold beer! Went out there second half and continued to take care of business.

The next day, I got up pretty early and met my hiking group and went for a 24k hike. It was a solid group this time. Only 6 of us, just perfect, especially since every single one of us was a pro. There were even times, that my pace was lagging, which is rather unusually for this speedy guy. Adam, the Korean-American was able to share quite a bit of insight into the risky business of stock trading. There was Mo, who knew everything, so I was able to learn a bit from her as well as provide adequate insight into her miscalculations of what a lager actually was. Makolie was there too, haha can't remember his name but it sounded like the Korean drink. He was a Russian professor, quiet most of the time, but when he spoke I tended to listen. He was had an amazing level of understanding about the way the world worked. He has literally been everywhere and lived there for a long time too. Warren G, the always fun tour guide...And me of course...then there was Sookhi, one of the most beautiful women I have ever met and I'm not just talkin looks. It was her wonderful personality that attracted me. Not to mention her infectious smile and great laugh. Genetically she is half Korean and half British, but inside she is a total Brit. I love her accent, it is so amazing and she speaks French too, which is just down right sexy. After the hike, we all had a headie dinner with booze flowing. Once, we'd had our fill everyone bounced back to Seoul except Sookhi and I who attended a rooftop party in my town. We stayed there for hours hangin out listenin to good tunes sipping on some wine. She ended up not catching the bus back home, so she was left to crash at my place. I, as always, was as kind as I could be...offering her some clean clothes and cozy place to lay her head, some chill tunes on the guitar while she fell asleep, a warm shower in the morning and a hearty breakfast with vitamins :) for her long Sunday...she went hiking again and I ended up just chillin at the crib when my friend Mia called. I met her at the teachers conference a while back. She fell into some bad luck with her job hunt. she left her previous employment because the town was shit and she's been on the hunt. She thought she had a good deal wrapped up when shit fell through the roof, she called me asking if there was cheap hotel in the area I knew of...I said that's bullshit, why would someone waste money on a hotel when they have friends. So now I have a roommate!!! I hope she finds a good job but not immediately cause I enjoy her company. She cleaned my apartment today. Spotless!! Even cleaned the bathroom! Apparently my bathroom was actually not a dirty brown color, but instead a sparkling tan color and my drain is not comprised of mold anymore. Looking back it makes me rather embarrassed to have had Sookhi shower in there with it in the previous condition...

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tell me more about the accent !
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
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