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It was a bit depressing returning to Korea. When I returned, I kept saying Hai instead of nae to everyone (yes) and arigato instead of kahmsahmnida (thank you). I got over it in a few days. I met my friend Shin that evening at Suwon Station. We went out for galbi, a definate favorite of mine and very good in Suwon. I shared with her some of my storeies and she had been as well so she shared hers as well. Also, we both did a bit of complaining about comparing the two cultures. Japan did seem a bit more clean. But now I am back in love with Korea and have nothing negative to say about the country. We also had some of my very nice sake that I brought back with me. After dinner we went back to my place only to drop off my bags and then head out for drinks. It would be the last time I will see her. She is scheduled to leave a few weeks after my return, but I had plans so this was basically our last chance. We sat in front of the GS25 and had some beer and soju and the maekju. I took her to the local amphitheater at the nearby University cause she had never seen it and she is in to that kind of artsy stuff. We had a good chat and then crashed. We got up early ther next morning and she left cause she had to meet a friend for another good bye and I had to go on a new motorcycle hunt.

To my bad luck, my 125cc bike would not start. And all the bike shops in town were closed for a few days. I mean everyone of them. I guess they got together for a ride. The problem with the bike turned out to be a $100 generator (??communication make that difficult) and I a new bike anyway. It took a while, but I finally managed to pick up a 250cc from one of the mechanics in town. I got a pretty good deal on it and I took it to another mechanic who said I should get it for sure.

That evening I went out for dinner with some friends from the GEPIK conference and left before it lead to the bar. I had to pack because early the next day I was going on my little journey...

I had everything packed and ready to roll early in the morning and of course I could not get it all to fit on the bike. I reevaluated the things and really reduced my load. I had to put the tent poles in my backpack and have them sticking out. I used some shoelaces to tie the zippers together so they would not fall. I used an old belt to try and tie the bag to the bike. That was stupid. It fell off about 200meters down the road. I went to my mechanic and bought a proper strap for it for $5 and then some gloves for 10. Turned out to be a wise decision.

I was on my way...
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photo by: Morle