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candid shot from Mark on a Kyoto bus
When we all left Mochan's in Shizuoka some of us went one way and some of went another. Five of us wanted to hitchhike. We thought Gianpablo would have the best chance since he was going with two good-looking woman and that Olivier and mylsef would have trouble since we were two dudes. haha, but again and to no one's surprise, the rain was falling again and that ruined everyone's cheap ride. We all went to the train station. Mochan helped us get a discount ticket where we all pitched in about $20 and got an all-day ticket going anywhere, except the bullet train. Olivier and I went to Kyoto. I had a couchsurfer lined up for myself, a German guy with a small studio apartment.
Mark (TB) and I toasting
I emailed him to inquire about bringing Olivier with me. He said it was no problem for the first night but he had other guests coming and it would be too crowded. He was not kidding, hell with even one in there it was crowded...but I'm getting ahead of mylsef.

On the train, we noticed this Japanese girl reading a French book. She had some rasta gear on too so I knew she was down with the program. I told Olivier to speak to me in French since we were standing right behind her she wouldn't be able to help but notice. I would respond to him with what I knew, "oha haha wee wee, trebian trebian, hhhuuh hhuuh wee wee." She turned around and smiled/chuckle. Maybe it was our pathetic attempt to get her attention that did it but either way we were in. We all got off the train at the same time and conviently enough we had boarded the wrong train and had a legitimate excuse to talk to her.
2 tb's, 1 cs and 2 cs/tb's :)
I went and asked her if she spoke English, "No, sorry," she said. I quickly responded, "como tale vou." "Wee wee!," she said. Then I motioned for Olivier to take over. She showed us what we needed to do and we had of course screwed it all up. He got her email address and number and we boarded the right train.

To our host Micheal, I am very gracious for him opening up his doors for a fellow traveler, but I would certainly never recommend his place to anyone. Unless of course you like to wake up in a pile of sweat on a wooden floor. Not even a fan there, on the seventh floor. And then when I asked him if I could check my email, I felt like I was asking the world of him. "I guess, but only if you make it very quick. I can eat some bread while I wait." Lord knows what would've happened if he finished his slice of white bread and butter before I sent one email (I was asking someone else in Kyoto if we could come, haha).
drinking special water, I was just very thirsty
This of course after I took a shower and inquired if he has spare towels. "No, I'm sorry I do not actually. If you don't have one, that may be a problem I guess." Luckily, Olivier lent me his one towel. While showering I noticed three hanging up and four more on a chair as I dressed. I told Olivier we should bounce, I wasn't feeling this guy. And when we went out the day before, he told us that we could not return until after midnight cause he wouldn't be there. The damn trains stop at like 11 or 11:30. We had to stay up partying till 6am! We left his place with nowhere to go. We did some amazing sightseeing. By this point I had bought a disposable camera so I do have a few pictures to post from there. Also, I met up with three other members of We all had a wonderful time together and there are some pictures they tagged me in on facebook that I can use as well.
I'm not going to bother to list the places we went casue for one, I don't know the names. I've tossed my maps and everything so I don't have the info anymore (I don't like a lot of clutter). I will say that the hostel was full and we ended up sleeping under a bridge for three nights. It was actually a great experience. It wasn't what one would imagine. This was a big party area for kids and there were many folks sleeping p and down the river. We met many people along that river and under the bridge. One buddhist guard from Japan tought me the basics of playing the didgeridoo by the river. We spoke thorugh a Japanese girl who was bilingual that I met there. We watched a fire show. We met a fun group of people who took us to the karaoke room.

One day Olivier and I literally just left the train station (we kept our luggage in an overpriced locker there) and started walking.
We had absolutely no agenda whatsoever. We just wanted to chill and have a good day. We had lunch at an organic Indian restaurant. The people there were very friendly to us. We spoke about traveling and hiking. I mentioned a friend was hiking the himalayas because they were playing some himalayian music. They shared a great picture book of the mountains from there. We walked on some more and ran into a Geisha. The second I had seen. She was kind enough to let us pose in a picture with her. All in all, I'd have to say that Kyoto was one of the best cities I had ever been to. I didn't write anything in my Journal from this area because I spent the whole time talking and hanging out with Olivier and never had a chance to get to any peace and quiet to write. So if I ever remember anything else, I'll have to update this as well.
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candid shot from Mark on a Kyoto b…
candid shot from Mark on a Kyoto …
Mark (TB) and I toasting
Mark (TB) and I toasting
2 tbs, 1 cs and 2 cs/tbs :)
2 tb's, 1 cs and 2 cs/tb's :)
drinking special water, I was just…
drinking special water, I was jus…
This monk taught me to play a didg…
This monk taught me to play a did…
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