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Well, I've got a little time to kill before I head up to northern Seoul for a little rock climbing expedition so I figured I'd drop a little love. So I am probably not the best dancer in the world, I'll be the first to admit. But the other night I went to a salsa party in Seoul with a friend. I had a great time, she introduced me to a ton of teachers, most of which were Koreans, but there were I think three Americans ladies there. A couple from Tennessee and one from Seattle. One of the Koreans I was introduced to tried to teach me the salsa, to which I resisted the training and I still have no finesse on the floor. One of these days... But on the way up there I was basking in the glory of taking a gorgeous friend of mine out for a fun dinner of Japanese fusion.
We had a great time and ate some amazing food, although the noodles were rather slippery, which made me seem like a buffoon with the chopsticks. But after we left and I was headed to the salsa party, I was on the subway and had the inclination to break out into a dance right then and there. Often while traveling I get hit with these "this-truly-is-the shit" moments. Of course, it also could've been the Ben Harper Breakin Down jamming on the mp3 that made the urge so strong. It was all I could do to stop myself from singing and dancing right then and there in the middle of the subway. I swear I get these moments often. Strange? Not really, it really puts one of those natural smiles on the face and makes me happy about life.

Other than that, not much has happened since my last entry. Don't actually have any pictures from the party on my camera either...I have had some good meals lately. Yesterday for lunch, I went to eat with some of the women from the curriculum department. Apparently, I have been deemed responsible for putting together some sort of curriculum for future teachers of esl at the middle school. Most likely, this will prove to be incredibily easy, as I only have to make one per week. The only downfall of my new job is the repetition I will be subjected to. I enjoy things to be kept fresh, innovative and constantly changing. I have 19 classes per week, all different classes. All the students in each class have different levels of proficiency and I get to see them once per week and I have been instructed to to the same thing with each class. I am just here for them to obtain native English exposure. No relationships will get formed, no names will be learned and no progress can be monitored. I do get one two hour adult conversation class per week which will be a nice change of pace. I think next week, I'll probably just lay the the law for them, dress very formal so they think I'm all business and get some respect. I may just spend some time talking about myself, showing some pictures of the family using it as a tool to introduce the "family vocabulary." This will also give me the opportunity to field some question from them in regards to my life and family. I can also gauge their language ability from this so I can actually make some plans for the year ahead and what to do with them....Oh yeah I was talking about lunch....we went to another one of the Korean fusion restaurants. I swear I felt like I was eating on iron chef or something. There was about 6 courses of food that made me feel like I needed an instructional pamphlet on how to eat. Sauteed pork wrapped in pickled beats with a kimchi-like sauce, some sort of wrap with delicious tiny veggies that had a sweet sauce, just real good. I'm no food critic so I am not equipped with the vast culinary vernacular necessary to give an accurate depiction of how good this meal actually was. Needless to say, I impressed my coworkers with my chopstick ability (I swear, do they think all Americans just suck with chopsticks or something cause everybody has said I use them like a wizard or something...) and my ability to try foods that look a bit intimidating. The oh, you "eat Korean food very well" comment has been expressed a number of times. Makes me all warm and cozy inside :) I have a feeling I will get a lot of free time at work since I am required to be on campus till 5 each day with little to nothing to do outside of my slightly less than 4 hours per day of classroom instruction

highway_chile says:
Yes, I wave them in the air, say a chant or some strage dialect and poof...more kimchi
Posted on: Mar 05, 2009
jcarlson87 says:
I'd love to experience one of your "this-truly-is-the-shit" moments first hand. Sounds extremely entertaining :) haha
Posted on: Mar 04, 2009
yadilitta says:
hahaha wizard of chopsticks, hahaha
Posted on: Mar 04, 2009
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