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So this week has certianly proved to be more than interesting. Starting with Monday...It was a fairly easy day for me, only having one class. This week has some entrance exams involved for the start of the semester so we teachers can get a feel for our students personal abilities within our respected subjects. However, on Monday I was subjected to somewhat of an awkward situation. After, piddling at my desk ALL morning, I was lead to the gymnasium where I found not only every student in the whole school plus faculty, but about half of the kids' mothers. This was some kind of introductory cerimony for the school year where the teachers are introduced by name and class, to which we greeted all the jet-blacked-haired audience with a great bow, not once for me but twice. Not knowing both times what to do or when to do it, I was nudged forward by my neighbor on stage and followed with a bow. I must add however, that every student in the place started hoopig and hollering for me as my name was called. Definitely made me feel welcome and popular, haha.


So class on Monday went pretty well...learned quickly that it takes the students a minute to form groups, so it is best to have them form groups and arrange their desks prior to the ringing of the bell (which in this schools case is a cute little jingle). I had them play a neat little game as follows: they are to come up with some questions which they would like to ask me. I wanted to hear each student ask at least one question. Most were pretty basic...where are you from?, how old are you?, do you have a girlfriend? have all been popular...Once they are finished I bribe two kids to come to the front of the class with a bonus point on there first test. My two lucky volunteers are to pretend that they are me. Then all of the kids in class ask their questions to the volunteers ad they answer as if they were me and what they think I would say. It is fun and gives them an opportunity to goof off, while at the same time allows me to monitor their question forming and oral pronunciation. Needless to say some are not perfect, yet others are brilliant and should be in a more advanced setting, which I am offering in two weeks at 8am on Mon, Tues, Thurs ad Fri for 45 min (yes I get extra cash...duh) ad I get to interview the kids and select the ones I deem worthy of my super excellent coversational class hahaha (ideas welcome for fun topics, I also get an adult conversation class on Friday mornings).

So on Tuesday and Wednesday I had the kids form groups prior to class and let them pick only one the the five most popular questions, forcing them to actually think a bit more and be creative. My grade 1 classes are super smart and are coming up with compound questions regarding my childhood, dreams and amibtions and one student even inquired as to my life motto, to which I replied "carpe diem" and asked her to please explain it to me next week. Other than that I just sit at my desk all day and look up funny stuff on the internet. has some pretty funny links :) Thursday was much of the same, there was one misunderstading with one class and the schedule so we were ten minutes late getting started, so I improved and made them form their own questions in silence, a much better approach I think in regards to the volume level. They then fielded the questions directly to me. It was very interesting, I got some great feedback and finished five minutes early so I then asked them some questions as well and they would ask me extra questions. It was great. I definent keeper for my grade 2 classes, which are a bit more tricky than grade 1. I think it may be because it is there second year in that school so they have formed friendships and can get embarrassed when speaking English in front of their friends or girl/boyfriends. It is like pulling teeth with those classes. I also have a few special needs children in some of my classes which I have not figured out the best approach for yet, but I believe I will try to give them individual work to work on their writing skills since they are so far behind all of the other students. Well, next week should prove to be different because I am required to use the textbook...zzzzzzzzzzzz It makes me tired just thinking about it, I hope the kids have a different attitude towards it.

My one major bummer at school is that I cannot access travbuddy from there :( I have to wait each day till I get to the coffee shop, my assistat said it is because it is not work related, yet every other site I have went to works just fine and I do believe that none of them have been work related thus far. Maybe next week, I may put forth some time to research some work related material...mmm. probably not, I may try to have the network administator grant me access and say that I can check for work related issues on here or something like that, hahaha. Oh and the food at work rocks except it is from trays that make me feel like a prisoner and I eat at my desk. I don't think we have a cafeteria, but that's cool with me cause that is now my Daily Show with Jon Stewart hour.....

carmen81180 says:
Is there a desktop computer in your room? Or do you take your laptop everyday? Where are you getting all these ideas for what to do? Sounds like you are off to a great start. Glad you like it :)
Posted on: Mar 09, 2009
highway_chile says:
I don't have to, but I think it helps sets the tone for how I want my kids to take me seriously, plus it's just fly...
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
bigbudd1 says:
Do you have to wear a tie? Going to read this to your grandmama ..she ask everyday how you are teaching them...hope it's a great day! Let me know when you get the box...can't wait to hear your feedback about A Cook's Tour...I liked it better than Kitchen Confidential...
Posted on: Mar 05, 2009
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