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Caney Bayou Mounds are located at Latitude  32.918 Longitude -91.77 in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana on Knox Ferry Road. This is a 6 mound complex with height ranging from 4' to 10' and the largest base is 160' x 195'. Mound B is the largest and the only conical one. Mounds A, C, D, E and F are dome-shaped. Mound C & D date from 2000 - 4000 BC. Mounds A through E form a N to SW trending arc that measures 2270 feet. Mound F in approximately 970 to the west of the arc formed by Mounds A through E. The area contained inside the perimeter of all 6 mounds would be a plaza. This plaza is nearly 50 acres. Mounds A through E are located on a terrace escarpment formed in the very early Wisconsin stage. This escarpment overlooks a historic channel of the Arkansas River. Mounds A is approximately 6 feet tall and was built in a single construction event that covers a 3' to 4' thick midden.  Mound B is approximately 7 feet tall and was constructed in at least 3 events. The coring data is not complete due to equipment failure. There may be additional events of construction. Mound C is approximately 9.5 feet tall and was constructed in 2 events. There is a thin midden present beneath Mound C. Mound D is approximately 10 feet tall and was constructed in 2 events. There is a 4 inch thick midden beneath Mound D. Mound E is approximately 9 feet tall and was constructed in a single event, There is a 4 inch thick midden beneath Mound E. Mound F is approximately 5.5 feet high and was constructed in a single event. There is a 6 inch thick midden beneath Mound F.  There are several reason why Caney Mounds are important. There are intact mounds of Middle Archaic, Late Archaic and possible a Marksville type mound. There is substantial; floral and fauna presents in the middens beneath several of these mounds.
gejah says:
my english is not so perfect. this is too much for me. Do you have a picture??
Posted on: Feb 06, 2009
vances says:
So is a midden a layer of shells? I am familiar with shell middens from Maine...but always reference them as 'shell' middens, which would be redundant if that's the technical definition.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2009
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Caney Bayou Mound