326. Singing for the Potato Harvesters (Mor 159--new)

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On my way to Moulay Bouselham, I’d seem a cool little white village on the hillside a mile or so away.  So next morning I decide to go back and check it out. 

The Lalla Mimouna taxi took the backroads, on a road through open fields and eucalyptus forests to reach the town—obvously wanting to avoid the potholed hell road of Moulay Bouselham.  Soon we reach the town. 

Far from any major road, it has a sort of frontier kind of feel—no through traffic of any sort.  At the top of the town you get a great view of the colourful, fertile valley below… Its Main Street isn’t exactly Rodeo Drive—but it does have a couple of clean looking cafes, clothes shops and a couple of cybercafés…

I wander the town from end to end… get a few inquisitive looks… and a couple of warnings from old ladies that I’m headed towards a dead end… but no hassles.

I spot a eucalyptus grove a little ways away and decide to go parkbench over there.  There’s a dump truck backed up into the forest and a bit of commotion going on, but I find a shady spot and pull out my guitar anyways.  Soon a group of scruffy looking guys emerge.  But they’re not the dangerous kind of scruffy—they’re the hardworking type… potato harvesters who toil the fields for a few dollars a day.  They store the potatoes in the forest—I guess because it’s shady and cool, before sending them off to market..

Now they’re going on their lunch break, and they’re eager for some entertainment.  So they call me over to join them, and soon they forget their weariness and start dancing to my reggae tunes…

We get to talking… about life in a forgotten village like Lalla Mimouna… about life in Casablanca… life in the United States… It was a very memorable experience, connecting with the potato harvesters and getting a glimpse into their lives…


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Lalla Mimona
photo by: nathanphil